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Top 6 Vastu Tips to Place Ganesha Murti At Home

Author: Nitin Jain
by Nitin Jain
Posted: Aug 28, 2020

The meaning of Ganesha is not just confined in a single culture, but also the world. Ganesha has a lot of meanings. He is a symbol of peace, harmony, and eternal bliss. In some Hindu temples, people worship Ganesha as they consider the Ganesha idol as a symbol of the spiritual power that exists in the mind of a person. As per Vastu, Ganesh murti attracts favourable fortune, helps eliminate ill-luck, and removes all Vastu dosh. Therefore, with ever-increasing followers, the importance of Ganesha idols at home/office rises day by day. Read below the six Vastu tips to place the Ganesha statue at home to bring good luck to your home.


The symbolic meaning of keeping a Ganpati statue in the home is not only for the ancient and noble Hindus but for all the people who love him as a deity. A symbol of eternal life, it is essential for the Hindus to keep this idol in their homes. The Ganesh murti is very much loved and is a symbol of all the things that are good and pure. Hindus believe that the Ganesh statue is the representative of the ideal world. So keeping a Ganpati statue in the house always means that the whole environment is full of positivity and energy. And following the similar lines, with the Vastu ideology in mind, a Ganesha idol in house symbolises prosperity, wealth and religious significance.

White Ganesha

White colour Ganesha statue at home has special significance, according to Vastu. The devotees worship Lord Ganesha on the auspicious occasion like Diwali, Holi, Durga Puja and so on. He symbolises love and spirituality, and white colour is the felicitous one, especially for the home. Since time immemorial, the lord of happiness and success blesses his devotees with prosperity and fortune. Most individuals who are seeking joy, bliss, along with wealth in life should keep a white Ganesh statue at home connoting pure intentions and sanctity. And remember to place Ganesha deity facing towards the main entrance of the house for the constant flow of positive energy.

Ganesh’s Trunk

The Ganesh Murti with a tilted trunk facing towards his left-hand stands perfect for placing in your home. Every direction of the idol’s trunk connotes a diverse effect and significance. The left-facing trunk, known as Vamamukhi, stands most preferred amongst all Vastu believers. Ganesha murti with left side trunk purifies the home, by healing the ‘Vastu dosh’. And the same is known to bring in positive vibes, joy and victory in your living habitat. Besides, you can place a standing idol of Ganesha in your work-studio to bring along passion, interest and positive energy in the working environment.

Right positioning of the idol

Placing a Ganpati Statue in your home is a fascinating and hopeful ritual, which brings all your wishes into fruition, along with joy and togetherness. Place the murti in living rooms, or the main entrance of the house. It helps in transmitting positive vibes.

According to Vastu, the right positioning of Ganesha idols is at the North-east corner of the house. It stands as the best place for setting up the ‘puja’ room or the meditation spot. It is well-known as the ‘Ishaan’ corner of the house. At the north-east corner of the house, you have the option of placing the ‘elephant god’ facing towards the west or north direction, the home of Lord Shiva - father of Lord Ganesha! Never place any Ganesha statue in front of the restroom or face the same against the opposite wall, adjacent to the toilet. Moreover, as per the Vastu rules, you should avoid never positioning an idol directly under the flights of steps!

The mouse and modak:

Placing the Ganesh statue alone at a favourable spot won't bring you much luck. You have to ensure to keep the right elements encompassing lord Ganesha. The presence of the mouse(mooshak) and the modak(Indian sweet) are some overlooked important aspects, incorporation of which can bring more prosperity. They are the most favourable and crucial aspect of the Ganesh Murti. The mouse represents consciousness and ego to control desires like wealth and prosperity. Modak is one of the favourite sweets cherished by Lord Ganesha, and it signifies concentration and not being carried away by sheer joy. Thus, these two remain unscathed.

The number of Ganesha idols:

Many times people have a notion that keeping multiple god idols in their home can attract more wealth, luck. On the contrary, placing a couple of idols together offsets their energy. Thus, you require only one Ganesh murti to be more useful, with a deep inner-meaning. Besides this, it would be the best practice to worship the idol regularly, which would, over time, open the entire pathway to inner peace and successful life. Furthermore, refrain from keeping any Ganesha statue in private spaces like bedrooms.

Bottom line

Placing Lord Ganesha in your home transmits positivity and success. Follow the right Vastu tips to bring good luck in your home, while placing the Ganpati statue to reap the blessing of Lord Ganesha.

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