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Package and Display Watches with Unique Plastic Gift Boxes

Author: Jim Lei
by Jim Lei
Posted: Sep 03, 2020
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The worlds are jammed with all sorts of watches of all grades. Companies and individuals around the world are looming with new products every day that are meant to change the way of our living. Many companies even spare no expenses to advertise their watches on various podiums in order to boost their sales. In this spirited market, packaging is by no means merely a basic wrapping or containment for transporting or protecting goods. Watch boxes are increasingly important as an integral part of marketing campaigns. Consumers are more and more attracted by watch boxes and also tend distinguish brands from their packaging.

Benefits of Cardboard Watch BoxesWhile some luxury watch brands still stick to solid wood packaging boxes, lower-to-medium grade watches generally would choose plastic or cardboard boxes. There are mainly two benefits of cardboard watch boxes: low cost and disposal. (1) Low cost. When it comes to customized your watch boxes at a low order quantity, cardboard box is a good choice. Some box suppliers do not require a high initial quantity, as the set up cost for a custom cardboard box is relatively low, unlike custom plastic boxes which involve new molds building. Besides, pries of cardboard or paper materials are cheaper than those of plastic. (2) Easier disposal. The biggest benefit of cardboard boxes is that they can be recycled or disposed of more easily. What’s more, paper and cardboard materials come from nature and are biodegradable in the environment. So they don’t cause environmental burdens as other materials after being disposal, especially in a time when we’re overwhelmed by plastic crisis. - Drawback of Cardboard Watch Boxes.But don’t mistake that cardboard boxes are definitely eco-friendly without any damage to our environment. Actually they also need be used temperately. That’s because, although they are compostable in the environments naturally in a short time. But their upstream industry, ie, the process of paper making poses large threats to our environments as well. (1) Most of the paper consumed in the world is made from trees. Currently the most common raw material trees for paper are eucalyptuses. But planting eucalyptus will compromise the soil fertility as well as greatly cannibalize other plants. (2) Current paper-making process causes serious environmental pollution, not to mention its daunting power consumption.Besides, cardboard gift boxes are cheaper than plastic boxes only when the cardboard boxes are simple. Deluxe cardboard watch boxes are even much more expensive than plastic ones.

Benefits of Unique Cardboard Watch Boxes

The best feature of unique plastic watch boxes is that they are available in almost all desired shapes, and sizes. All personalized shapes and designs which means a lot to your brands but can hardly be realized in wooden or cardboard boxes can be achieved with plastic gift boxes. Because all the designs, simple or delicate, will be materialized in the plastic injection molds. Thus once the molds are set, the desired custom plastic boxes will mass produced identically and efficiently like copying and are not apt to err.Another distinct benefit for plastic boxes is transparency and bright colors. Most virgin plastic materials are crystal clear without inherent colors, which makes them will suited for displaying products. Plastic watch boxes can be made super clear with or without bright colors so that consumers can see through them without opening. Thus they are very convenient for retail store showcasing or desktop displaying at home. Of course, plastic boxes can also be made into assorted opaque colors just depending on the specific needs. They are quite versatile as displaying or packaging. Besides, plastic watch boxes can be made into waterproof when needed. And with proper cushion and support, plastic gift boxes are truly well-suited for valuable and fragile products. - Drawbacks of Plastic Watch Boxes.Plastic watch boxes have its equally pronounced disadvantage. That is, as we all know, plastic cannot be composted easily in the environments. They may take many years to completely decompose in the environments. Therefore, we recommend reduce, reuse and recycle plastic packaging. Refrain from ordering or consuming single-use plastic packaging, instead try to order or use plastic boxes of premium quality and with unique designs that last much longer before they can be recycled.

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PacZone is an experienced plastic packaging designer and manufacturer, offering creative wrist watch cases, novel candy boxes and various gift packaging boxes!

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