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4 Reasons Why Winters Stand Out As the Best Season to Buy Luxury Homes

Author: Luxury Homes London
by Luxury Homes London
Posted: Sep 03, 2020

When is the best time to buy luxury homes in London? Got no idea? Without a doubt, it's the wintertime of the year that favors a home-buyer. In the summer season, the price of luxury realties usually stays at the peak because it's easy to travel and sneak peek into the luxury homes. But in shivering winter season, it takes a lot of guts to step outside in search of a luxury property.

Since sellers get very few queries in winters, it gives an upper hand to home-buyers to settle for the price that suits them the best.Here are a few more interesting reasons to begin your hunt for the luxury home purchase in winters:

1. You Might Get a Better Deal

Looking for the best possible deal for luxury homes in London? Winters are the best to begin your search for a luxury property. According to a study, home-buyers tend to pay 0.51% less price in January than the rest of the months. Sounds like not much difference? Well, it could turn into thousands of dollars since luxury home prices go in millions. So go for the winter!

2. Negotiate to Your Own Terms

Winters give you full control over prices than the other months of the year. Luxury home sales tend to drop in winters. In other words, sellers rarely come across a buyer or two in the winter months. The homes listed in this season usually stay for a long time on the listing. So the buyers are willing to negotiate a price that works in your favor.

3. More Chances of Bid Acceptance

Frozen winters mean that there will likely be a few bids for the home purchasing. So there are quite fewer chances to get outbid. In simple words, you will be competing with just a few home-buyers to buy a luxury house. Since there will be less competition in winters, the seller is more likely going to favor you. You will stand out among luxury property buyers due to low competition in winters.

4. A Chance for Better Home Inspection

Winters are the best possible time of the year to buy a luxury house because you could inspect it well in icy conditions. It’s pretty easier to inspect the home roof for icy dams and cracks. You will get to know how it performs in the icy conditions.


By now, you might have understood why winters are the best season to purchase luxury homes in London. It’s important to buy a luxury house at a time of the year that favors a buyer like you, not just in monetary terms but in performance terms too. Buying a home in winters wipes out any confusion in your mind about cracks and leaks in the home roof that give you unpleasant experience at a later stage. Winters put a clear picture of the home's construction quality in front of you. So no doubt, winters give you an upper hand while buying luxury properties.

Want to buy luxury property in London in the winter season? We’re here to help you out with the best possible luxury home options and offers. We’re Luxury Homes London, a renowned realtor in London who is here to assist you in making the right luxury property purchase with neutral advice. Talk to us now if getting a perfect luxury home is on your priority list!

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