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Rudimentary difference between a Bartender and a Mixologist

Author: Xeven Solutions
by Xeven Solutions
Posted: Sep 04, 2020

Bartender v/s Mixologist

With the global cocktail renaissance, the term "Mixologist" has come to limelight. The term came into existence in the 1800s. Although the barkeep has always been a respected section of the society, the term "Mixologist" was an honorific gesture for expert bartenders back in the day. In the modern era, it signifies the theatre and art of expertly made cocktails. This term is often bandied so loosely that the difference between a Mixologist and a Bartender has become obscured. This difference has been a question for more than a decade. Is it just semantics or are there proficient traits that separate mixologists from bartenders?

Rudimentary difference between a Bartender and a Mixologist:

The difference between a Mixologist and a Bartender could be simply put as the difference between a chef and a waiter. A Mixologist is a person with an enthusiasm for combining elixirs and making remarkable mixed drinks, though a bartender is a person with a Passion for making incredible beverages and making even encounters. Another explanation could be that the Mixologist serves the drinks while the bartender serves the people. Competently Bar keeping and conceiving hair-raising cocktail drinks are Disciplines of different kinds, the two of which oblige the wants and needs of the guest and this requires a long time to entirely master these disciplines.

What Experts Say?

A lot of professional barkeepers like to be known as Bartenders rather than being called Mixologists. According to them, the term Mixologist was created to elevate the profession of bar-keeping but it never really needed to be elevated. The real difference between these two is the Preparation & Intent. The mixologists have intent to make every cocktail exceptionally unique and every cocktail they put out will scale to measure the merit and quality as a bartender. A bartender creates drinks from the available tools and previous history of the drinks while a Mixologist studies the very tools used to do so.

Another point of view is that a Mixologist is a Bartender with a specialization in execution and craft of Cocktails and they represent all aspects of this Cocktail Craft. The bartender serves drinks, cleans the glasses, mingles with people & is only Mixologist when it’s demanded of him to be one. The aspect where the Mixologists lack is serving people as they put all of their energy in formulating exquisite drinks while on the other hand, serving the people is the very spirit of bar keeping.

The Mixologist in the Corporate Liquor Industry:

With Cocktail Culture in the spotlight, people are more likely to have innovative drinks these days. People like to have designer perfumes mixed with their drinks, this is when the Mixologist enters the scene. They possess those sets of skills and the art that a bartender lacks. They have all the knowledge and innovation required to make some fun drinks for the people. This uniqueness of theirs has rendered them a special status in the Liquor Industry.

Role of the Mixologist and Bartender in different settings:

Bartenders are quite the all-rounders in all the scenarios whether it’s a bar or an event. On the contrary, the art of mixology requires a wide span of time to craft and execute the innovative drinks and this renders it unsuitable for some settings like high-volume bars where drinks are to be served swiftly. But their ability to formulate a fun drink with a unique sense of the decoration makes them a perfect match for your parties and events. They can recommend diversity of drinks to your guests according to the particular style of each one. To put it in a nutshell, both mixologists and bartenders have their importance in the parties and bars and we recommend you to have them in order to make your cocktail night a memorable one.

How to hire them?

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