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Important life lessons you can learn from Chhota Bheem

Author: Rohan Jain
by Rohan Jain
Posted: Sep 05, 2020

Cartoons constitute the best part of the life of a boy. Each child's life without these crayons is incomplete from infants to youngsters. Do not know whether a lot of you are watching cartoon shows or not. Yet if nothing exciting plays on the idiot box, then cartoon channels are children's only salvation. We are all supposed to develop out of them, but then some of us remain a child at heart.

One such crayon that nowadays spreads its wings among the children is ChhotaBheem, which highlights the story of a 9-year-old boy Bheem in the imaginary city of Dholakpur with his gang of friends including Raju, Chutki and Chotu. Bheem plays the role of a strong Dholakpur saviour who aims to bring peace and prosperity back to life. He is a legendary character that involves intellect, compassion, gentleness, compassion, bravery, power, and bravery.

Other characters in Bheem's team – Raju, Jaggu- they are adorable; Chutki is funny and compassionate for all creatures; and Kalia, Dholu-Bholu, is humorous. They are all invincible, battling monsters, demons and muggers, Kirmada, Kichak,and Mangal Singh, Damyaan and his tribe, and many more. They journey together to save the cursed, conquered realms from the clutches of darkness, free the sick, rescue victims from a curse, bravely overcome the challenges and return to their back by fighting against witches and wizards.

This animation series teaches us a lot which children can learn from this character:

  • Honesty: In this animated series, he is honest, wise, and bold, and thus free from all kinds of worries. He is strong mentally and physically and so free from all kinds of insecurities and fears. If one's life has to be successful, he must be honest with his work.
  • Unity is essential: ChhotaBheem lives like a family with his friends and is alwaysloyal to them. Even Kalia, who is the mischievous character in this series, unites with ChhotaBheem for the sake of the countrymen's welfare. One should bear in mind that unity is the prerequisite for development and success.
  • Be kind: The iconic character teaches children just like him to be helpful and caring. Because he is always helpful to the Dholakpur village inhabitants and always defends them from all enemies and robbers.
  • Be confident: If you want to accomplish something in life, you should have faith and trust in your abilities, and one day you will find your treasure. He never relinquishes his confidence and always stays firm with what decision he makes. He also teachesthat confidence is the secret to success.
  • Avoid jealously: The hero of this animated series is never jealous of anyone, and that's the reason for his success. Eleven-year-old phelwan Kalia is much stronger and older than Bheem. Still, he is jealous of the power and success of Bheem that he never misses an opportunity to let him down, but he never succeeds in any of his plans.

To inspire your child, you can even get ChhotaBheem toys as playing with it, will help your child inculcate these teaching.

Nowadays,toys for 5-yearolds are designed to help them learn and acquire skills at a very young age.

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