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Top 5 Buddhist Teachings that will transform your life

Author: Nitin Jain
by Nitin Jain
Posted: Sep 02, 2020

Ever Since the inception of Buddha and his teachings, the lives of many people have become more peaceful than ever. The Buddhist teachings are the cornerstone of the philosophy of Buddhism. According to Buddhist belief, everything in this universe is dynamic, and life is a continuous cycle of existence and reincarnation. Yet, we all are connected and interdependent at the same time. Out of several teachings by Buddha, we have figured out the top 5 teachings that everyone must accept and follow religiously.

Learning to forgive sets thou free:

One should try not to dwell over the past by reviewing or reliving others' mistakes. Bitterness is something that is too much baggage on your own self. Don't carry that burden on your head. Letting go of that pain and resentment leads you to a pristine path of finding solace within.

The objective is to set oneself free and find internal peace. Release the negative energy. Forgive and let go. Moreover, once we are free from desire, craving, etc., we will be able to make the necessary changes in our lives and find true happiness in the world, by ordering a buddha statue online.

Monitor Your Thoughts & Words carefully:

Monitoring our thoughts and then translating them into words is what Buddha teaches us. Buddha says that words, when spoken, cannot be taken back, so you should be aware of what you speak and with whom. Negative thoughts over time can accumulate in mind, causing us to act negatively and inflict pain on others. To promote positive thoughts, you should buy a buddha statue online and meditate every day for 30 minutes in an empty space.

Remember the four noble truths:

The four noble truths in Buddhism helps in liberating us from the pain and suffering in life. It stands for Lord Buddha's one of the main teachings, which thus encapsulates the whole of the Buddhist pathway. Moreover, people believe that meditating in front of Buddha statue while reminiscing these noble truths can make your life more peaceful than ever.

  • Suffering

Our life is full of ups and downs and has suffered in it. We always experience bouts of anxiousness in our life, loaded with various amounts of uncertainty within our body.

  • Causes behind suffering

The main cause of suffering is our 'ego'. It is the strong belief over the word 'I', which leads us to think of ourselves as unique individuals, which thus results in pain and anxiety.

  • The end of suffering

All these pain and anxiety are not long-lasting ones, helping us to purify and look towards a life with positivity.

  • The path of truth leading towards the end of suffering

For attaining enlightenment or 'moksha', you never cause harm to anyone and meditate daily. It will thus help in developing wisdom.

Change Yourself, Not the world:

Do you remember any incident when you tried to be kind to someone, but the same was not reciprocated to you? Buddhist theories help us deal in such situations.

According to Buddhist teachings, you should treat everyone with the feeling of love, dignity, and respect without thinking about how they will reciprocate. Besides that, Buddha says that we can only control what we put into the universe; rest is all destined. So do your karma with utmost sincerity and leave rest to the almighty.

The Golden rules of Panchshila:

The 'Panchshila' in Buddhist teaching is one of the most important spiritual tools which a Buddhist can use in his or her life. The Buddha was a great teacher who could influence people with his words and teachings. He taught us that we could change our lives, our bodies, our minds, and even our spirits by following the right path. You should try practising the 'Panchshila', as the main aim of any Buddhist is to get rid of suffering in life. If we are going to follow the Buddha's teachings, then it is best to have a buddha statue, which will help us on our way to enlightenment.

  1. You should refrain from taking any life, and not kill any living objects.
  2. You should control yourself from taking or stealing, which is not yours.
  3. Never try to misuse the senses and commit any adultery.
  4. Think before speaking, and not lie or gossip about others.


Buddhism is a religion of peace, love, compassion, and kindness. His preaching does not require any formal schooling, and anyone can follow the same by merely practising and developing their own will. You can search for a buddha statue for sale, and keep it with you and follow his doctrines of life. Lord Buddha's teachings will continue to pass on through generations and will inspire many individuals in the coming years.

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