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Smart Photo Retouching Tips

Author: Prepress India
by Prepress India
Posted: Sep 06, 2020

Getting a really good quality DSLR camera is no big issue at present. Just a look around even a simple browsing of the various online social networking sites will give a very clear idea about the ever growing number of youngsters with a DSLR, everyone dreaming about becoming a great photographer. But even after taking thousands of pictures the ultimate task remains that of editing it properly to get the perfect frame.

Photo retouching is an important aspect in the entire photo development process. Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software available and is the most popular one used by professional photographers too.

Photo Retouching Tips

While creating a great piece of work one should keep a few points in mind. Those who are new in this profession must remember the following points which will definitely help one to get really good frames even from not so vibrant snapshots-

  • Use the proper frame and crop out the clutter. Most of the time the original photograph contains too many details which forms a clutter. One must be able to sort out the mess and focus on the primary subject. Thus the work begins with cropping the picture.
  • Use rotate tool to set the picture in the right angle. Most photographers, including the professional ones, while taking one snap after another without the help of a tripod stand can unwillingly tilt the camera while taking the shot. However with the photo rotation tool it can be sorted out in a jiffy.
  • Mask out any distracting factor. If there is any unwanted detail in the picture which cannot be removed by cropping, the masking tool helps a great deal to mask it with a pixel of the color of its surroundings.
  • Set the color saturation right. Too much saturation can destroy the color and also the work.
  • Enhance selected color. This makes it easier to enhance the color of a part of the picture without disturbing the rest of the shades.
  • Correct the white balance with the help of the editing tool.
  • Create a sharper shot with the help of the sharpness tool available in the Photoshop software.
  • Reduce the noise in the picture. Reducing noise is very essential as the grains can actually create a bad distortion when the picture is printed on a large surface.
  • These basic points if kept on mind will help anyone to get excellent results.

    Professional Photo Retouchers

    There are many professional photo retouching service in India. A number of companies are working as photo Retouching India. These firms provide professional help at a certain cost and thus many photographers can avoid the hassle of retouching the pictures themselves. One can check out the names of the companies providing the service from any list of image retouching India companies.

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