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What is your Suggestion for not having Smelly Cat Litter?

Author: Purple Pet Iprimio
by Purple Pet Iprimio
Posted: Sep 08, 2020
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Owning a cat is a pleasurable experience for every pet owner. Cats are known to be animals that need a low amount of maintenance and are cooperative. No matter which pet you choose to have, there are certain guidelines and tips that every pet owner needs to necessarily follow because let’s face it, no one lives to live in a mess with their pet.

Cat litter is an essential necessity and one of the first things that every cat owner needs to get the moment they decide to raise a cat at home. Just like we, humans prefer to keep their washrooms clean and tidy, cats too love to have a neat defecating space that is free from waste and most importantly, odor.

Unlike dogs who can simply be taken out of the home if they want to defecate, cats defecate inside their litter box which is placed within the spaces of the home. Since a litter box is placed within the interiors of the home, it has to be kept completely tidy or it can become a messy corner full of harmful germs and foul smell which will not be good for you or your cat.

A lot of cat owners often end up facing the problem of smelly cat litter. A badly smelling cat litter box is not just a disgusting thing to have but it also becomes the breeding ground for infections and allergies for cats and cat owners.

In this post, we are here to enrich you with some tips that will help you keep your litter box clean, dry and smelling great:

  • Scoop it out!

The basic and the most important principle to follow for a clean litter box is to scoop out waste and dump it on a daily basis. It is a great idea to scoop out cat waste the moment your cat is done with her business. If doing this every time your cat's poop seems to be a cumbersome idea, then you can choose to do this at a specified time on a daily basis. If your cat’s litter box starts getting filled with unpicked waste, it is bound to smell bad.

  • Wash it out!

It is highly recommended to wash your cat’s litter box and litter scooper once every two to three weeks. Washing it regularly with an approved dish liquid will keep it clean for longer and completely remove the possibility of any smell that can arise therein. After it has been washed, you can choose to leave it out in the sun so that it dries up completely. Leaving the litter box out in the sun also allows any hidden smell to simply go away while keeping it dry.

  • Spray it out!

Once you fill your cat’s cleaned litter box with litter, you can prefer to use an unscented litter spray to eliminate and eradicate any unwanted smells that can bother you and your cat. It is a known fact that cats do not enjoy defecating in a litter box that is full of foul smells. Not just this, but it can also make them susceptible to urinary tract infections that can be quite dangerous to their health. A litter spray can be used daily or every other day, depending upon the usual need.

  • Choice of Litter Boxes

When cats are peeing into their litter box, their claws sometimes get stuck into the liner which makes urine penetrate into the liner making way for the odor that can be a nightmare. To avoid this situation, it is helpful to put some thought into the size of the litter box that you are planning to bring home. An optimal litter box should be big in size so that your cat has ample space to do her business. Most pet owners make the mistake of placing only one litter box in their home. If your home is fairly larger sized then it is recommended to keep two litter boxes at chosen prominent spots in your house. This will ensure the lesser build-up of waste in each box with a lesser chance of foul smell.

If you are looking to purchase cat litter boxes and accessories that can keep cat litter odor at bay, we recommend you to log on to Purple Pet Iprimio which is the one-stop-shop for everything that a pet cat owner needs to have. You will be overjoyed with the amazing selection of cat accessories that they have. The best part about their products is the fact that they are all crafted by pet owners themselves!

We hope that this post guided you in the right direction! Happy Petting!

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