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How To Recover My Google Account

Author: John Williams
by John Williams
Posted: Sep 10, 2020

The following are the steps for Google account recovery using date of birth:

Step 1: Go to Google recovery page or Gmail account recovery form and enter necessary credentials, after completion tap on forgotten password and wait for security question options by clicking on try otherwise.

Step 2: Once a security question comes up, answer your date of birth and if your answer is correct, you will be prompted to reset your password by entering a new password for your account.

Frequently asked questions about recovering your Google account by date of birth

Question: Can I retrieve the Google account by date of birth?

Answer: Yes, you can proceed with the recovery of your Google account by date of birth. By choosing the option, answer your security question and the answer is your date of birth, then you can effortlessly recover your account.

Question: Can I see my date of birth in Gmail?

Answer: Yes, you can. While in your Gmail account, select on your profile and click or tap the button - Manage your Google account. On a new directed page, select your personal information. Now, you can see the date of birth provided. In case you want more information about your query or need some help, you can visit the Google Help Community Forum.

Question: Can I correct my date of birth?

Answer: of course, you can correct or edit your date of birth in Google's personal information section. By selecting your Google account profile and accessing manage your account, you can view the personal information tab. There you need to select your birthday option and delete what you want to correct.

Question: Can I get Gmail back with a birthday date?

Answer: Yes, absolutely 100%. While continuing with the Google account recovery that Gmail offers, you can choose the security question option to answer your date of birth as you would have given in the security answer.

Google account recovery with security questions

To opt for Google account recovery via security questions, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, go to Google account recovery or click on Google account recovery form link and once you enter your email id, click on forgotten password.

Step 2: Once you click on the forgotten password, you will be shown some of the options with the help of which you can recover your Gmail account.

Step 3: Under various options, security questions would be one of them, click on security questions and answer them correctly.

Step 4: Once you answer it correctly, the verification process will finish and you can reset your password and proceed with your account.

Frequently asked questions about recovering Google accounts using security questions

Question: Where is the security question option on Google?

Answer: start by continuing with your Google account profile, where you need to select the option that says manage your Google account. Under Privacy and Personalization, you can see numerous options; In addition, you will access the security option given for Google account recovery.

Question: I forgot the answer to the Gmail security and password questions. Now how can I get the Google account back?

Answer: There are other options as well, by which you can easily proceed with the forgotten password reset option from the Google account recovery page. The recovery number of the Google account or the option of the recovery email address of the Google account through which you can recover the password of your Gmail account.

Question: Can I retrieve the security question from my Google account?

Answer: Yes, you can. As you proceed to the Google account recovery form, if you are asked a security question and you don't remember the answer, guess the best you can. Or you can try different variations of your answer if you don't remember the exact one for your Google account recovery process.

Question: Does Google still use security questions?

Answer: Yes, of course! Google uses a security question for the Google account recovery login process. Answering the question will lead you to easily recover your account. If you want to know more about what you are looking for, you can visit the Gmail Help Center.

Question: Can I change my security questions on Google?

Answer: Yes, you can easily change your security questions on Google. Using the Google webmail platform, go to settings. Under Accounts and Imports, select the option: change password recovery options. After that, edit the option under the "Security Question". Complete the form and save it to make changes. That's all you need to do for the future Google account recovery email account.

Question: Can I remove Google's security questions?

Answer: Security questions can be removed from your Google account. In the security section of your Google account, you can remove the security question you would have previously to get help with the Google account recovery process.

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