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How do toys help babies learn and grow?

Author: Rohan Jain
by Rohan Jain
Posted: Sep 11, 2020

Many newborns are attached to their families, especially their mothers. They require her care, affection, and attention all the time. They have an emotional attachment, which remains forever. All mothers have a soft corner for their infants and ensure to give them the utmost protection and security from threats and injuries. They will always buy toys that are safe and easy to use without the stress of tiny parts harming their kids.

Many toddler toys are the building blocks to the development of cognitive, emotional, physical, and social skills. For example, shape sorting toys can help build a child’s cognitive and recognition skills. In contrast, dangling accessories will help them create awareness about their environment and encourage movement as they struggle to reach and touch the toy.

What qualities to consider while shopping for toys?

One of the most significant challenges parents face while shopping for toys for toddlers is the synchronisation of the developmental stage and the type of toy required. Most of the newborn toys have a specific age factor, and it is essential to understand the child’s learning level as well. For example, nine-month olds will not play with toys meant for six-month olds, and so on. The learning and grasping ability of children change as they grow older; hence, parents must understand the concept. The choice of toys must match the developmental growth, which is essential in forming sensory skills.

Find toys that grow with the child

All kinds of educational toys for toddlers are available in the market, which aids in multiple development stages. Colourful toys with musical buttons fit perfectly for six-month-old toddlers to learn the effect of sound. Its textured features will enhance motor and sensory skills. Following is a list of such toys:

  • Plastic Piggy Banks – It helps them practice motor coordination skills while inserting coins into these piggy banks. As they grow older, they can count, add, and subtract them. Likewise, they also learn calculations and the importance of saving money. They can also play with the colourful coins along with more than 40 tunes, which increases their interaction.
  • Spiked Hedgehogs – These toys help in excellent motor coordination because of their colourful spikes in the holes at different angles. It can also help in counting and colour recognition.
  • Symphony Croc Music Band Set – This crocodile toy includes a drum with two mallets, a xylophone, a wooden block, and a bell. Many kids can play at a time to form a sense of rhythm while developing motor skills.

Many preschool toys help in strengthening the mind and body. They also educate toddlers. The types of toys available are Letters and Numbers, Coupe cars, Knob/Liftout board puzzles, pony riding toys, outdoor ultra-toy slides, plastic rocking toys, and many more. Children will remain occupied and engrossed in them. Parents can devote their time to their children as well as other household chores. They can use these as a medium of teaching their kids the differences between objects. It helps the child recognise structures, shapes, and forms.

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