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Things to remember before smoking a cigar

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Sep 10, 2020

Suppose you are planning to switch to a cigar other than a cigarette or other tobacco products. In that case, there are a few things that you should know before you start to experience it in full glory. Many cigar users still commit a few mistakes while smoking a cigar, which does not bring out the full experience and taste out of it. Therefore, before you start to smoke a cigar, you should know about some of the precautions and things that you should avoid, which can ruin the cigar's taste.

Do not cut off too much cigar

People often use a cigar cutter to cut the end of a cigar into a flat surface so that it can be burnt evenly and properly. While cutting the cigar, we only need to cut off a small part of it, but some often cut a big chunk of it without knowing that they have been doing it wrong. If you cut down too deep, there is a chance that the wrapping of the tobacco leaf will open up, impacting the integrity of the cigar builds. This way, the cigar will not retain the shape it originally had, and you will not be able to enjoy it properly.

Puffing too often

A person needs to remember that cigars like Backwood Cigars, are not meant to be consumed like a cigarette where you can inhale the smoke after every few seconds and finish the cigarette in a few minutes. Cigars are meant to be consumed when you have a lot of ample time to spare. The smoke of a cigar needs to be inhaled after a certain interval and two quickly like a cigarette, or one will feel the burning sensation on the tongue and a bitter taste. Make sure at least to have a gap of 30 seconds between a puff. Any faster than that is going to ruin your experience of smoking a cigar.

Do not inhale

Cigars are not like other tobacco products like cigarettes. Therefore, the smoke of a cigar is not meant to be inhaled. The cigar has a unique taste and something that can only be felt by your tongue. The cigar is meant to be kept in your mouth and then exhaled. The nicotine will be absorbed by your mouth, giving the same kind of feeling that you get when cigarette smoke is inhaled. Also, since cigars are stronger, inhaling them could make you feel uneasy or give you headaches.

Do not stub your cigar

It is one important thing that the cigar users should remember, especially if they use one cigar multiple numbers of times. DO not stub your cigar in the same way that you do to the cigarette. Pressing it down to the ashtray after you are done will open the cigar's binding and make it useless for later use. Keep the cigar on the side, and let it completely go off on its own slowly.

Use a Humidor

Another thing that is very important for people who smoke used cigars often is to keep them in a humidor after being used. It ensures that the cigar remains in the flavor and does not lose its taste and feel to the humidity or moisture. This way you can preserve your used cigar for a long period.

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