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How you will uncover the Damaged Serpentine Belt in Car?

Author: Turning Wrenches
by Turning Wrenches
Posted: Sep 16, 2020
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To perform the several functions of the internal combustion engine, the car has numerous accessories and components. All the accessories of the car have their own stipulated functionality and working principles. But the reality behind is, all of the components are not function properly without a properly functioning serpentine belt. Through the help of the idler pulley and belt tensioner, the serpentine belt is running smoothly.

On the other hand, the serpentine belt is also known as an accessory belt or engine belt because it is the main component of the engine that can be visible when you open up the car hood. Moreover, these belts are easily recognizable due to their distinct ridges that can be running the length of the belt on one side. So, when you are turning the accessory pulley, the ridges of the serpentine belt can maintain its grip.

When the serpentine belt of the car is damaged, you will notice that the entire functionality of the car is affected badly. Through several signs, you can uncover the damaged serpentine belt of the car. Go through the following signs to uncover the damaged serpentine belt of the car.

Dead battery

While driving a car, if you notice that it is losing its power suddenly, then check under the hood for determining the current condition of the serpentine belt. In this case, when you are trying to start the car the serpentine belt is not allowing the alternator for charging the battery.

Eventually, you will notice that the alternator is not charging and dead the parts that are running through the electricity such as radio, spark plugs, and headlights. As a result, the battery is dead and shows the snapped belt issues.

Low power steering

When you are driving the car, the power steering is commonly used for smoothly moving the steering without applying too much arm strength. On the other hand, the serpentine belt is helping the power steering system to function properly without having any issues.

If the serpentine belt of the car is damaged, then you will feel very hard to move the steering wheel for steering the car. The steering wheel issues are also arising due to the low power steering fluid in the car. So, when you are checking the low power steering issues in your car, don't forget to check the power steering reservoir level of fluid.

Damaged air conditioner

The serpentine belt of the car can keep the air conditioner functional. The air conditioner of the car is damaged due to several reasons and shows different signs in a long run. But the failed serpentine belt also affects the performance of the air conditioner.

So, when you turn the air condition, if you notice that it does not blow cool air from the air vents and then check the serpentine belt by a certified mechanic as soon as possible.

Engine overheated

To cool the engine, the serpentine belt is activated the water pump. But when the belt is damaged or failed, it unable to activate the water pump. As a result, the engine is overheated and unable to cool down properly.

Throughout the process, you will notice that the temperature gauge on the dashboard is moving towards the red zone. If you are leaving the issues for longer, then it may damage the entire engine.

Whine pulley

If the whine of the engine is changing with the engine speed, then you have to double-check the serpentine belt. In each of the accessory pulley, the serpentine belt puts lots of pressure on the bearing when it is too tight. As a result, it will fail several engine components prematurely.

Subsequently, the failed bearing also affects the modes of the water pump. So, to prevent the costly damages of the engine as well as engine overheating issues of the car, address the serpentine belt problems as soon as possible.


When the serpentine belt of the car is misaligned or slipping, the front area of the car makes a squealing sound. To fix the problem, you have to realignment the belt properly. So, when you find the failed serpentine belt of the car, take it to a certified mechanic for replacing it immediately.

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