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What are the signs of a bad ignition coil in a BMW?

Author: Masters European & Gapanese Auto Repair
by Masters European & Gapanese Auto Repair
Posted: Sep 16, 2020
ignition coil

BMW has been manufacturing highly efficient, powerful, and light internal combustion engines to power its fleet. A typical internal combustion engine needs an ignition system that not only helps to start the engine but also keeps it operational. The ignition coil was first invented in 1918. A single or two ignition coils would fulfill the requirements of an engine and such canister style ignition coils were used till the end of the 1900s. However, BMW started using the "one coil per spark plug" type of ignition system which is more efficient and sophisticated than the canister style ignition system.

The primary job of an ignition coil is to multiply the power supply of a battery to thousands of volts required to generate the spark for the ignition of the mixture of air and fuel inside the combustion chamber of the vehicle. By doing so, the ignition coil helps to keep the engine operational. However, there are certain factors that could damage an ignition coil and could kill the engine of a BMW. So, the appearance of different types of symptoms of a failing ignition coil in a BMW should not be neglected. Defective ignition coils should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent any major mechanical malfunctions in the system.

Ignition coil failure in a BMW

A spark plug needs a thousand volts to generate the spark and it could not do its job without an ignition coil. As mentioned earlier, the ignition coil could transform the 12V output of a typical BMW battery into about 14,000 to 18,000V. So, the ignition coils should be in working order to keep the engine in working order. The condition of the ignition coil should be subjected to inspection and if necessary should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Check engine light pop-up:

Failure of a single ignition coil could affect the ignition process in a BMW. The engine control unit or ECU is a kind of a central control unit which is pre-programmed to regulate the function of the engine in a BMW. However, if it detects any kind of abnormalities in the performance of the engine due to the failure of one or more ignition coil, then it will turn on the check engine light on the dashboard of a BMW which could warn the driver about the problems in the ignition coil. Timely action should be taken to fix the faults in the ignition system of a BMW to keep it in working order.

Engine misfiring and stalling:

The timing of spark generation is a crucial factor and any kind of error in the spark generation due to the failure of the ignition coil could cause engine misfiring and stalling in a BMW. Besides, the engine with a faulty ignition coil could stall once or multiple times after certain time intervals. Ignoring the exhibition of such kind of unusual behaviors by the engine of a BMW could cause irreparable damages. So, efforts should be made to fix the problems in the ignition coil as soon as possible. The condition of the ignition coil should be inspected regularly and problematic ignition coils in a BMW should be replaced.

Bad gas mileage and performance:

A sudden reduction in gas mileage and performance of a BMW shows that the ignition system or other crucial components of the engine are not working properly. So, it is highly recommended to inspect the concerned components responsible for the poor performance and bad gas mileage in a BMW. If necessary, seek help from experienced professionals to detect and repair the mechanical issues responsible for such kinds of malfunctions. Ignoring the appearance of different types of warning signs which shows that the ignition coil is failing might cost a lot.

Bottom line

The ignition system is an essential part of the internal combustion engine. However, failure of one or more ignition coils could jeopardize the ignition system of a BMW as a result of which the vehicle struggles to start and stay operational. If the errors in the ignition coil left unchecked, then it could cause irreparable damages to the engine of a BMW which might cost a lot. So, symptoms of a bad ignition coil in a BMW should not be ignored. If the problem worsens, then it is highly recommended to seek help from experienced technicians to fix the errors in the system to keep the vehicle functional.

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