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How to know if God put someone into your life

Author: Justine Mfulama
by Justine Mfulama
Posted: Sep 13, 2020

Whenever we get into a new relationship, we ask ourselves: "Could this be the one?". Because we want to be sure that if we open up to them, we won’t have to say goodbye again soon.

After all, relationships take time and effort.

That’s why I decided to put together a few tell-tale signs that you can use in any relationship, not just romantic, that will help you determine whether God put someone into your life or you are acting based on your own desire to be in a relationship.

It feels like an answered prayer

When God puts someone into your life, you will look back at the encounter with awe about how much He hit the nail on the head. A lot of times, when people come into our lives they are an answered prayer. Maybe to your desire for more community or your prayer for a future husband.

Whatever it is, you will look at him and think to yourself: "Wow, I actually asked God for someone like this and now he is here."

He is going to have the character traits and the opportunities to your life that you have been praying for but even more importantly he will allow you to live the life God called you to.

2. It feels like divine timing

There is a very interesting YouTube video by Pastor Touré Roberts where he talks about the 5 keys to identifying your soulmate. It’s one of my favorite videos, because I truly resonate with the steps.

Especially, the step in which he explains that when God leads you to the one there will be divine alignment. Meeting and getting to know that person will happen smoothly and just flow. It will almost feel like things are too easy. Especially, for those of us who have been in struggle relationships most of our lives.

When God puts someone into your life, it’s not going to be a whole lot of back and forth, breaking up and getting back together. Instead, it will be clear, it will be enjoyable, and the perfect timing.

3. There will be confirmation

The truth is, God speaks to us about our life all day long. Through our thoughts, events, and other people.

Sometimes it might show itself through your intuition or a divine encounter with a person. There is always confirmation to be found if you look for it.

And that’s the same with friendships and relationships.

When God puts someone into your life, you will notice that there will be confirmation about the significance of the relationship. Things will happen, and people will speak the things you have been wondering about and thus give you confirmation.

4. The other person will reciprocate your investment

The last sign that God wants you to be with someone, is specifically for those of you that are trying to figure out whether to double-text a guy that is putting in minimum effort.


You won’t have to chase, beg, or convince the man God has for you to invest into the relationship. The beauty about being with someone that God put into your life, is that they actually want to be in your life.

You will find that that friend, co-worker, or love-interest is just as excited about the friendship or relationship as you. You won’t feel like you are being too needy or too clingy or too available.

When God is involved, you won’t question whether you are not enough. Because the other person will make you feel desired and valued.

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Hi, I'm Justine Mfulama, a dating and relationship coach. I love to share my advice on everything love and look forward to contribute on here.

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Author: Justine Mfulama
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