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Find Mind-Twisting Movies like Inception with Friendspire

Author: Jasmine Angeli
by Jasmine Angeli
Posted: Sep 14, 2020

A wide variety of services at Friendspire

Friendspire is a unique platform that allows users to be given recommendations for all sorts of things from music to local bars and restaurants. This can include searching for that perfect flick for movie night, finding the right books to relax with, or get familiar with new shows on tv that might be to your liking. There are also podcasts that showcase information compiled for you to browse and also get recommendations from friends. Here we will provide you with a series of movies like Inception that will be a total mind fuck resulting in ponderous exercises with your friends and family that will take you to interesting places.

Memento: A great ride on Friendspire!

We guarantee that your friends will be impressed with this one when you have them over. It's out of the ordinary because the main character suffers from short term memory loss throughout the story of getting vengeance for his murdered wife. This mystery thriller takes all the elements of various tv shows and compiles it into a comprehensive new package. The psychological thriller has much to offer, and we hold it high as one of the best recommendations for those seeking a similar experience to inception where time seems to slow and our brains become more active thinking about abstract anomalies and the subtleties of human memory.

The Prestige: A mysterious story to keep you guessing

Christopher Nolan did it again with the prestige, and it offers an intense rivalry story between two magicians who are constantly competing for supreme authority in their chosen art. There are many amazing tricks, twists, and turns to keep you guessing throughout the entire storyline and the ending won't disappoint. It will provide an experience that will make any movie night memorable and lingering after the fact. It is a stimulating film that makes you question how things were accomplished, and it's on a remarkably professional level as we have come to expect from Nolan. Fans of Inception will be right at home in this film that pushes the limits.

Primer: Science fiction thriller at it's finest

In this amazing flick, we discuss an invention that has changed the lives of the main characters. It involves the reduction of matter and manipulation of the forces of the universe to receive anything you want. Of course, this wouldn't be complete without its own set of consequences. This science-fiction thriller is full of action and drama, packed with cool twists, and can also be an educational experience regarding the makeup of our surroundings.

2001 A Space Odyssey: An amazing outer space film!

Another one of the movies like Inception is a gem called 2001 A Space Odyssey is a beautiful scientific masterpiece with amazing concepts that will have your jaw-dropping. It entails humans discovering something beneath the lunar surface that is a complete mystery. They aren't alone though and are helped by the world's most powerful supercomputer to help complete the task before them in the deep unknown. This adventure will have you guessing what will happen next and will be a thrilling and fun ride for you and your friends for movie night!

Arrival: A great alien movie for the thrills and chills!

This is an incredibly suspenseful alien movie, and the nature of their arrival is very upfront yet mysterious regarding their motives for being on earth. A professional expert linguist is hired to determine their reason for being here and if they are a potential threat to humanity. There are some nice dramatic moments with a good air of mystery that will fill the room. This one sets a new mold for the type of alien movies that are similar to Inception because it has some twists in the story that make it a nail biter. There is an overwhelming consensus that this movie will take any alien buff by surprise and is definitely worth a watch!

Try Friendspire today to find amazing flicks!

Friendspire offers many movies that are similar to Inception that will satisfy that otherworldly feeling of awe that some moviegoers crave. They include sharp plots and twists that you are likely to find engaging and entertaining while the time flies by seamlessly. Trying our service at Friendspire today will give you access to resources that will help you find these and even more options for your viewing pleasure! We are incredibly versatile in our approach to finding the right targeted picks for you when giving recommendations. If you're looking for a mind-twisting plot to really engage the mind and have you wondering what will go down then these are the movies you'll want to pause during a bathroom break. Consider trying Friendspire today to discover new and exciting sources of entertainment!

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