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Top 5 Software Testing Methods By Software Testing Experts in USA

Author: Priti Gaikwad
by Priti Gaikwad
Posted: Sep 17, 2020

In this Digital World, Software testing is equally essential then Software development. Software testing is now important phase of the software development lifecycle. Without the help of Software Testing, it is not possible to achieve your desired goal.

It is more important to know the important software testing methods to test a particular application. And when we discuss the software testing methodologies there are different types of things and overviews come in a picture.

There are different kinds of approaches that take place in the area of software testing such as the Black box or white box and Scripted or exploratory. So the best way to work on software testing is to use the combination of software testing methods.

What is Software Testing Methods?

According to the offshore software testing Services Company, Software testing Methods are the set of activities that are used in the development life cycle.

Top Most Used and Key Software Testing Methods

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box TestingScripted Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Automation or Manual Testing

White Box Testing:

White box testing is used to determine the system structure and business workflow. As per the desired goal white box testing helps you to analyze the internal code and program of the software. We can also say glass box testing, structural testing, and clear box testing to this process

Black Box Testing:

This is the most important method of software used by Software QA testing companies while doing QA Outsource software testing. In the method, According to the process of requirement and specification software testers or testing experts test the functionality of an application. In this process software testers do not have the right to test the internal code even they know about it.

Scripted Testing:

This is the most important method used by software QA testing Companies to deliver quality software testing services. In the method software testers include the proper and well-formatted test cases clear test steps into the document and try to fulfill the right requirement and needs. In these methods, testers work in two ways such as functional testing and non-functional testing

Exploratory Testing:

Unlike Scripted Testing it does not focus on document preparation. The software tester needs to test the application based on a particular understanding. In this process software testers can find the bugs or errors of the applications which are missed during scripted testing. The main goal of Exploratory Testing to understand user behavior and try to learn how they use the software.

As per the analysis of the best QA software testing company in India and the USA, the combination of both Scripted and Exploratory always works better.

Automation or Manual Testing:

Automation Testing is done with the help of various web or mobile-based automation testing tools We can also say Tool based test automation. In this method, the tester has less manual activities but needs to run the tests through test automation tools. There are various Automation testing tools used by test automation experts such as selenium, Robotium, TestComplete, SoapUI, etc.

The exact opposite process is done in QA testing or Manual Testing. Testers have to work on test script or test steps manually

Both the Automation or Manual Testing plays an important role in software success but the combination of Automation and Manual Testing are always worked better.


In the right and standard testing process, selecting the proper testing methods is also an actionable plan towards success.

About the Author

Priti Gaikwad is a quality assurance expert with complete expertise in test automation. Now She is work with top mobile app testing company

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