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What Are The Reasons For Clogged Drains

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Sep 16, 2020
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One of the most common problems that many plumbing companies in Sydney deal with are blocked drains. This problem if faced should be attended immediately as it leaves your toilet and sinks clogged resulting in a foul smell across the house. Most of these plumbing companies function in Sydney. Let us take a quick look at the reasons for clogged drains and also what can be done to prevent the same.

Grease And Fat

One of the major reasons for blocked drains are grease and Fat. Cooking oils mix with other wastes. The fat and grease deposition on the sides of the drainage pipe comes from the fatty food which we wash down the drain. These form a thick layer and solidify on the sides of the pipe resulting in blockage. Draining hot water or a mild drain cleaner regularly can restrict clogs. These practices are everywhere in Sydney is covered.


Hair could be the worst nightmare causing drainage clogging in your bathroom. When hair gets inside the drain, it acts like a net for other wastes. If you have the habit of washing shaved hair or broken hair down the drain it can cause a serious blockage. Several products can be bought to catch the hair before it goes down the drain. This will effectively help in preventing clogged drains in your bathroom.

Foreign Object

By foreign objects, we mean flushing down tissues or other sanitary objects. Although this may not clog your drainage system however if you continue this practice, it will lead to a severe clog in your toilet.

Trees And Leaves

This again is one of the common reasons for blocked sewage. During the autumn season as we all know trees shed their leaves. The falling leaves from the trees get washed down the drain resulting in blockage. At times roots can get into your drainage system as they expand underground. They can even crack your drainage pipe in the process.

Poor Workmanship

Quality of the drains can also be one of the factors resulting in blocked drainage. The clay pipes are fragile and can break easily hence leading to clogged drainage or overflowing drains due to broken pipes. At times the plumbers fail to fix the pipes properly which can also cause blockage in the pipeline or drainage system.

The reasons discussed above are just a few, there can be several other reasons which may need plumbers intervention. Our company all across Sydney works 24/7 to cover this problem of blocked drainage. Most of the plumbers of our companies have decades of experience in this industry. Everywhere in Sydney is covered by our plumbing companies.

Next time when you have any plumbing problem which cannot be fixed at home all you need to do is call one of these experts and leave your problem in their capable hands. They have qualified and trained professionals who keep on upskilling themselves to keep track of the latest technology. They also guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction with the outcome of the work. The best part about these plumbing services is it is covered in Sydney.

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