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How to make frozen french fries in factory?

Author: Wang Becky
by Wang Becky
Posted: Sep 20, 2020
french fries

The French fries we eat every day are basically freshly fried instant fries, mostly from fast food restaurants such as McDonald's. Frozen French fries are usually mass-produced in French fries processing plants. So, how are frozen French fries produced in the factory?

Usually, the processing of frozen French fries in the factory requires the use of a dedicated frozen French fries production line for production. Commercial frozen French fries production lines mainly include potato cleaning and peeling machines, potato slicers, blanching machines, dehydrating machines, frying machines, degreasing machines, quick-freezing machines and packaging machines.

The frozen fries production line is not the same as the conventional fries processing line. The general fries processing line increases the seasoning link and reduces the freezing link. And the quick-frozen french fries processed by the frozen french fries line need to be fried again before eating.

Generally, frozen fries produced in fries processing plants are sold to various supermarkets, restaurants, fast food restaurants, snack shops, chain food stores, etc. Quick-frozen French fries can be kept fresh for a long time because they are kept at a low temperature, and they will not deteriorate easily.

In addition, the individually packaged frozen French fries are very easy to transport and are not easily damaged during transportation. In terms of taste, frozen French fries will be more crispy and taste better than ordinary French fries after being re-fried after freezing.

At present, many investors are beginning to understand and learn the knowledge of frozen French fries processing, the purpose is to open a small and medium-sized frozen French fries factory to produce and sell frozen French fries.

In fact, the investment cost of opening a frozen fries processing plant is not high, but the profit margin is huge. This is also the main reason why many investors choose fries processing business. Well. How much does it cost to start a frozen fries processing plant?

In fact, the cost of processing French fries includes not only the price of French fries processing equipment, but also various production expenses, such as labor costs, water and electricity costs, and raw material costs. When the general investor chooses to purchase fries processing equipment, the manufacturer of the frozen fries machine will provide a series of investment budget analysis and profit analysis to help customers conduct a comprehensive analysis of the investment in the fries processing industry.

With the increasing market demand for French fries, the industrial method of processing French fries using French fries production lines has become more and more popular. The complete set of French fries processing equipment designed, manufactured, and exported by our Taizy food machine factory has been put into production in various countries, and customer feedback is very good, which has created huge profits for many customers' French fries business. Our factory can not only provide detailed equipment parameters, working videos, and reasonable quotations to customers who consult the French fries making machine, but also can customize unique and comprehensive French fries production programs according to customer needs. We can design suitable French fries production lines for customers according to their output needs and investment budgets, provide plant planning drawings, and provide detailed investment profit analysis. Welcome to consult us for the detailed French fries machine information.

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