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Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms And Effects On The Health

Author: James Clark
by James Clark
Posted: Sep 03, 2014

Nature from time to time exhibit its mystery and strength to the human beings, and no matter whatever the technical improvements may be in the medical field, still it has to unfold many secrets held by the nature. Multiple sclerosis is one such disease, scientists still have to find proper reasons and they need to establish beyond doubt, causes and remedies for this disease. Significantly enough, it has been found only certain groups of people are attacked with this disease, and other groups totally escape from this dreadful disease. While most doctors consider this as a genetically transferable disease, some other doctors oppose this fact. However, according to the medical survey, it has been found that the chances of getting this disease found greater with those having a family history of people suffering multiple sclerosis.

What is this multiple sclerosis? What are the significant effects of the symptoms? These questions need to be answered before going any further with this subject. What makes this disease impossible to predict more easily is its variable symptoms. The intensity and variation of the disease is one of the important things, that makes it hard to decide upon the disease, since in some people it can appear in the form of fatigue, while in other people it can be very severe resulting in paralysis, impaired eye vision, and usually results in memory loss. Depending upon the condition of the patient, it can range from mild symptoms to severity often the symptoms may be debilitating. Among those affected by this disease, women have large share.

It is an autoimmune disorder, disease, the message carrying nerves from the brain is damaged, that means brain cannot send message to the body parts in order to perform various involuntary functions like taking back the hand immediately when you touch hot or cold things, therefore, one could witness lacks instant reflex action in such patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The cause remains as unsolved mystery even after a century after this disease is identified.

The disease cause vision problems that can be very slow and degenerative and ultimately in can result in loss of vision due to the "Optic neuritis". It may affect one or both the eyes. Vision loss often accompany with the pain in the eyes, when a person looks sideways and upwards. Even though, the exact reasons are not found out for the disease, the efforts are going on to reduce the severity of the symptoms and to extend considerable relief to the patients suffering from this multiple sclerosis.

When you visit foot hill neurology, the first thing they will do is to slow down the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. While they help to slow down the symptoms, at the same time introduce medicines to reduce the severity of the diseases so that the frequency of the disease starts increasing. The third stage is to treat the patient individually. Usually an expert in treating multiple sclerosis symptoms, having first hand experience in neurology will take over the treatment part monitoring the patient at regular interval.

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