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Truck Driver Reduce Workers Compensation Costs with On-Lift Landing Gear Automation

Author: On Lift
by On Lift
Posted: Sep 21, 2020

In any accident at the workplace that causes an illness, if it is physical or psychological, a worker can be torn between responsibility to its employer and themselves. An everyday job for truck drivers is cranking landing gear on trailers. The situation can cause pain and other injuries if a driver does it improperly because truck drivers do every day, sometimes more than one time a day. When the truck drivers get injured, they claim personal injury compensation.

Now the questions are – what is the best way to reduce injuries? Is there anything that helps truck driver reduce workers compensation costs? The answer is 'yes.' Here, in this article, we will tell you how on-lift landing gear and rear stabilizer air-powered automation help you reduce the workers' compensation costs, improve productivity, and reduce workload time. Read on to know more!

Why Use Air-powered Landing Gear Automation?

Generally, the use and maintenance of manual landing gear are risky due to the reason, to make the application easier trucking industry has adopted highly advanced air-powered landing gear automation and rear stabilizer. The air-powered landing gear automation can save time and energy. Thus, help improve productivity and reduce workload time.

There are many benefits of using air-powered landing gear automation, as you know that anything automatic can reduce the workload time and improve productivity. Thus, landing gears, On-life 2000, and 2000 HD are not an exception. For smooth, easy, and hassle-free lifting and landing, these two landing gears work excellent.

Previously used manual techniques were troublesome. They used to cause injury and pain among the truck drivers. They were not only challenging to operate but also tiring, which is why workers used to work with a lot of risks. But the risk has been reduced with the invention of advanced air-powered landing gear for trailers, and truck driver reduce workers compensation costs.

Safety comes first for workers and drivers. Usually, truck drivers are likely to get injured during work. The injury may happen during landing the gear for trailers. So to bear in mind your workers' safety and improving productivity, you should use automatic landing gear automation.

Save Time, Conserve Energy and Avoid Injuries

Patriot Lift Company offers On-lift 2000 and 2000 HD air-powered landing gears that help to raise and to lower trailer quickly. These landing gears can turn on and off to raise and low a fully loaded in a few seconds. They are gaining popularity in the trucking industry. If you are from the trucking industry, you can use these landing gears that help the truck driver reduce workers compensation costs. These air-powered landing gears can remove the need for drivers to crank trailer legs into position. You can save time, converse energy, and avoid injuries, also eliminate the manual cranking with these gears.

Being the most preferred organization in delivering highly effective air-powered landing gears, our landing gears are capable of lifting more than 60000 lb trailer. With the presence of pneumatic landing gear system, the raising and lowering of the trucks are absolutely flawless. The best part is, you shall not need any sort of additional efforts in maintaining them. The air power is delivered through emergency brakes and this is why no other auxiliary power is needed. Another important aspect of the products of Patriot Lift Co LLC is, the motors are tested for more than 30000 cycles under load while ensuring that there are no load failures. This is almost equal to 20 years of usage along with significant drops and hooks in a day.

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On-Lift is the most effective and reliable patented landing gear automation on the market worldwide. The automation is capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds and there is virtually no maintenance required

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