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App Development: Explore Reasons to Know Why it's Beneficial for Entertainment & Media Industry

Author: Gaurav Kanabar
by Gaurav Kanabar
Posted: Sep 26, 2020
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The entertainment and media industries know it well how to catch the never of the targeted audience and provide them with the best outcome which they are expecting to have from them. These industries are always ready to expand their horizons by accepting advanced changing trends and leveraging the competitive advantages which advanced technology offers.

The entertainment and media industry will grow at 13.5% CRGR during FY19-FY24. It is forecasted that the market will reach around Rs 3.1 lakh crore (that is US$ 43.93 million) by the end of 2024. The advertisement market is projected to increase by 10.62% and reach around US$ 12.06 billion by 2021. (Source)

The entertainment and media industry's circumstances have crossed the geographical boundaries, this sector is becoming digitized, and it is available online. It has become for users to watch their favorite movies, shows, or listen to the music they can simply go online and download a streaming app and professional app like linkedIn on their smartphone.

Advance App Solution: Know Why It Is Popular in the Entertainment and Media Industry

During the past days, users used to spend quality time with each other by sitting around a campfire and talking with each other. But the evolving technology people's way of living and enjoying their life has improved to a great extent. Now people spend more time with modern gadgets instead of setting around the campfire these days. They are making use of modern technology such as televisions, smartphones, etc to entertain themselves.

With technological advancement, people are opting for modern ways of entertaining themself. They are enjoying their favorite streaming shows, songs, movies, etc on their smartphone. The online streaming platform has created a huge buzz among the audience in a very short time. Modern platforms are considered as a primary revenue driver for businesses while changing the way how content is explored by consumers.

Mobile app introduction has opened new ways and the digital worlds for entertainment and media industries. It has a totally new level of convenience to the users and transfers the way they perceive various things. This simply means if the users want to watch their favorite movie or song, it's not mandatory for them to have their presence within the walls of your drawing room as they get the convenience to explore the things they want from any of the locations and also at any time.

Benefits Entertainment and Media Industry Can Leverage After Opting the App Solution

Undoubtedly mobile app development has transformed the way of exploring video and audio content. Nowadays, every niche related to entertainment and media is available online. And suppose you are dealing with the entertainment industry and thinking of developing a mobile app for your business, then you are in the perfect direction, ensuring your business growth and success.

No matters whether you are going to build an Android or iOS app, mobility solution for the entertainment and media sector is quite essential. Explore some of the important reasons to know why you must develop a mobile app for your entertainment and media sector.

Businesses who are part of the entertainment and media industry and want to multiply their revenue have to understand mobile app development importance. And for opting the app solution for their business, they have to hire offshore developers who can craft excellent app solutions as per their requirement specified. There are numerous benefits that businesses can gain when they think and opt for an advanced solution for their business industry, let's elaborate some of them to know which all are those.

Brand Visibility

Modernization has provided many benefits to almost all industries these days, and entertainment and media are one of them. With the help of an impressive app, it becomes easier for business entrepreneurs to increase their brand visibility. Once you develop an excellent app solution for your business, a huge customer base is guaranteed for your business as most of the people these days are looking forward to some sort of entertainment after the tiring day, as it acts as a ray of hope.

User Engagement

90% of a user's time is spent on mobile; they switch between different applications and explore the content. Hence by focusing on mobile app development, you can ensure user engagement for your business. Users will love to explore your content during their odd hours through the app as it provides more convenience to them and will get more engagement with your brand.

Eliminates Pirated Content Use

Every one of us knows that the entertainment and media industry globally is going through huge losses due to pirated/ duplicated video content accessibility. The mobile app has proven as a rescuer helping the media and entertainment industry to offer the same content with HD quality that also at a very reasonable price.

Generally, viewers become inclined towards duplicated videos as they can access it easily and available free of cost. The entertainment and media app has arrived; it allows access to their favorite shows, movies, and much more and download the same content on their preferred device. The quality of videos has improved to a great extent, which can be accessed in high definition with originality.

Enhance Entertainment Channel Revenue

Suppose you aim to increase your entertainment and media industry revenue. Then it becomes vital for you to develop an advanced entertainment app like Netflix; this app solution will help you to increase the rate of interest. Hence hire a mobile app development company that helps you build advanced and feature-rich app solutions, ensuring your business visibility is maintained online.

Statistics report shows that YouTube covers more than 90% market share in the media and entertainment industry. The revenue spending in the media and entertainment apps is increasing dramatically. Owners dealing in the entertainment sector know it well that mobility solutions can help them triple their consumer growth. It has a bright future ahead; hence it will be very beneficial for you to invest in developing mobile applications.

Aligning with Future Technology

Do you know how to handle your mobility solution with future trends? Undoubtedly the future of entertainment and media apps seems to be illuminating. However, the apps will combine futuristic technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, IoT, and many other wearable devices in the future. Hence considering developing an app for your entertainment sector can help you leverage numerous advantages that you haven't imagined before. It helps to offer a more engaging and richer experience to users.

Power of Social Media

Nowadays, social media is considered as one of the powerful mediums helping you to reach your targeted audience in less time. Social media consists of numerous platforms that allow you to promote your developed content on various levels.

Today, Social media is the most influential media to reach wider in number to target audiences.

As more and more users are considering using social media platforms, it becomes easier for you to reach more viewers shortly. No matter whether the video is funny, informative, emotional, or inspirational, you can leverage the power of social media to drive more viewers for it.

Final Thought

Businesses who are willing to boost their presence and reach the number of customers have to focus on developing excellent app solutions for their business. But make sure that you chose the best development company or developers to craft the same within your desired budget and time.

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Gaurav Kanabar is the Founder and CEO of Alphanso Tech, an India based IT Consulting company that provides Linkedin clone development service and other app development services to individuals as per their specified demand.

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