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How to choose the best shipping software for your small business?

Author: Amelia Gray
by Amelia Gray
Posted: Sep 25, 2020
shipping software

When selling on multiple online channels integration of shipping software is necessary to streamline the order fulfillment process. Shipping software connects selling channels and carrier service accounts into a single location. Which lets sellers manage and organize orders and handle their shipping process from the same location.

Numerous shipping software and technologies are providing their services to mid-sized and small business retailers to streamline their shipping process. But to compete more efficiently with standards and expectations of customers you need to find the best shipping software for your small business.

In this article, I will share with you the necessary parameters to consider when looking for a shipping software solution for your business.

  • Shipping Rate Comparison:

Shipping software allows users to compare rates of different carrier services for a package and other standard charges for the delivery of packages.

  • Bulk printing option:

For a shipment that needs to be sent in bulk, the shipping software must provide ease to print shipping labels in bulk. This option saves time and helps the seller to fulfill orders more efficiently.

  • Label Customization:

For Shipping Label the best shipping software should provide an option for customization to add seller data such as company logo, contact details, and other necessary information.

  • Shipping Discounts:

The right shipping software offers different deals and discounts for the bulk transfer to its customers.

  • Return Label Generation:

If a customer wants to return an order the best shipping software must have the capability to create a return label by interchanging the sender and receiver information with just one click.

  • International Shipping Features:

For cross border sales the best shipping software should be flexible with multi-currency options and auto-populate the shipping customs of the other country.

  • Reporting Tools:

Shipping analytics provides quick and valuable insights into business performance. These reports help in making better business decisions.

Shipping Trends and Customer Expectations

Before we discussed shipping software options, let us take a speedy look at the current shipping anticipations landscape to know what you are up against.

Here are a few key data points to think through.

60% of consumers choose to shop on sites that offer free shipping

  • 54% of customers will cancel an order if shipping charges are too high, contributing to your overall unrestrained cart rate. Seriously, imagine being *this* close to finalizing the deal, and your shipping cost boots the consumer out of the checkout. Not ideal.
  • 52% of shoppers will buy more if they see an order amount edge to receive free shipping. Be artistic with your promotions, and use the temptation of "free shipping" to increase your average order value. That way, it makes rational sense for the business to offer free shipping, without taking as much of a hit to your profit margin.
78% of consumers state that a rapid delivery method is significant.

Not only do your shoppers expect progressively cheaper shipping options, but they also want those options to be fast. Shoppers are now expecting their products to be delivered in less than a week.

75% of consumers will not pay more than $10 for shipping.

If you still want to charge for shipping, just know that most shoppers will not spend more than $10 on shipping costs and over half of those shoppers will not pay more than $5.

Above all the best shipping software should provide ease of use for sign-ups and e-commerce integration for order synchronization. Also, the software is capable to handle your business-specific needs.

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