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How to setup a domestic call center in India?

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Jan 24, 2021
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Have you ever wondered about starting a domestic call center, but couldn’t? Were you worried about the legal requirements, the process of BPO registration in India? Were you not able to get the right experts to help you out?

If your answer to any of the above three questions is yes, then I have got three things to say to you:

  1. Setting up a domestic call center in India is not a child’s play.
  2. The legal requirement to start a call center, the BPO License, is extremely hard to get.
  3. There are many experts that can provide you BPO License in India. However, the genuine ones among them are few.

Thus, we have created this blog for you. In this article, you’ll know all about how to start a call center, who provides you the license to do so, and how you find the right experts to help you out.

What is DOT License?

DOT License or the OSP License is the authorization to start a business infrastructure that provides It enabled services. The Department of Telecommunication, that’s governed under the Ministry of Communication, is the primary regulatory body that provides OSP License for BPOs.

The process to setup a domestic call center in India

Following is the process to setup a domestic call center, a centre that only provides services within the country:

  1. Choose a good name for your call center: Before going through all the technical aspects, you have to make sure that you cover the legal ones. Thus, your first course of business is to choose a good name for your call center.
  2. Contact an infrastructure provider: Now that you have taken the first step to establish your call center, you must establish contact with an Infrastructure Provider that you can trust. Now, if you come across someone like that, make sure that he has the DOT IP1 License. Fees for entering into an agreement with that provider is the matter that can discuss later.
  3. Register a company: A proprietor or a partnership can’t start a call center. You have to be a legal entity and you have to be one that has more than 1 people in the director position. Thus, you have to register a BPO company in India. How to register a BPO company in India? The consultants that provi8de you the license will provide you company registrations services as well.
  4. Furnish the document: Once you register your company or an LLP, you can move straight to the process of BPO registration process in India. However, before filing the application, get the digital copies of the following documents:

a. Certificate of incorporation of your company or your LLP (depending on your business infrastructure)

b. Memorandum of Association and Article of Association if you are a private limited company.

c. LLP agreement if you’re an LLP.

d. List of directors/designated partners of the company/LLP

e. Shareholding pattern of the company/LLP

f. A network diagram that shows how your organization is implementing the telecom resources.

g. A small, but well-worded description of your domestic call center.

5. File the application of OSP registration: Once the documents are furnished, you can move along with the process of OSP registration in India. This very step is the final point of the answer to the question of how to register a call center in India. The portal used to file the application of OSP registration is called Saral sanchar, an upgrade over the previous portal of DOT. File the application, upload the documents and pay the required subscription fee. Let the application go into processing. If your application has been filed correctly, you’ll receive the OSP registration number. That will make you ready to start your own call center.

Finding the right experts

Even though we have explained the steps of starting a domestic call center to you, it doesn’t mean that YOU, as a LAYMAN, can take the steps on your own. Multiple types of professionals work into tandem to guide you through the OSP registration process. They are as follows:

  1. Chartered Accountants whose job it is to certify your documents. They are also a telecom regulatory expert.
  2. Designers responsible to designing your network diagram in a way that can be presented to the department.
  3. Content specialists that that describe your work as clearly as possible.

Where to find such experts? The DOT consultants hold the answer. These professionals involve a team of CAs, designers, telecom regulatory experts, and content specialists. They all work together to deliver end to end services for anyone who wants to setup a domestic call center.

That anyone could be you if you just connect with our experts.

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