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Elite Elevators Providing Commercial Elevator in India

Author: Krish Krish
by Krish Krish
Posted: Sep 27, 2020
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Commercial Elevator : Elite Elevators providing the best home elevators across in India.These elevators are designed to transport both passengers and goods. These systems include elongated passenger cars and are most often found in employee-only areas of hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and other commercial locations. They require immense civil modifications like Pit, Machine Room and Headroom and most importantly run only on a three-phase power supply.

Elevators are the compartments or shaft that are installed in the buildings to move along the floors of the buildings. Elevators were used in the commercial buildings to have a convenient and a quick travel along the floors without the need to spend a lot of energy in climbing the stair cases. Gradually people started to expect this feature to be installed in their homes too. Thus, the home elevators for residential purposes has started emerging from the manufacturers of elevator models. These home elevators are considered as real home lifts only if it satisfies certain parameters. The home elevators are more convenient when compared to the commercial elevators.


There are also several different types of elevators. The one that’s best for your application will depend on the height of your building, the speed you need and other factors.

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic systems have a fluid-driven piston mounted inside of a cylinder that lifts the cab. These elevators are best for low-rise buildings no more than five stories tall.

Traction Elevators

Traction steel ropes are used to raise and lower the cab in traction elevators. These systems are found in mid- to high-rise buildings

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Elevators

Either traction or hydraulic, MRL commercial elevators don’t require a machine room. This can create more space in the top of the building and requires same energy to operate as it accommodates huge machinery within the shaft. Moreover, the shaft size, pit and Headroom increases to compensate the lack of machine room

Residential Elevators

In India, there is no proper safety standards for elevators. It allows for anyone to build a lift and sell it as a device. So Home elevators must comply to third-party standards of safety to ensure the utmost security and safety.

ThyssenKrupp Home Elevators comply with MD 2006 42 EC, EN 81-41 and most importantly certified by TUV post-installation and home elevator can even be of Gearless and Hydraulic technology. It should have no pit, no headroom with machine less room and trap door should be placed no AC current should pass in the shaft. Thus, these elevators comply with European safety standards to offer the best quality possible.

When you are about to buy an elevator for your home, it is very important to understand and research thoroughly about the product and the technology it uses; for this elevator is going to be used by your loved ones, family and friends. As you understand that elevators are made of moving components which help in transporting human lives from one floor to another; therefore, our sincere advice is to buy Real Home elevator

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Author: Krish Krish

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