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Useful Tips How to Reduce Global Warming

Author: Mark Brown
by Mark Brown
Posted: Sep 24, 2020
global warming Reduce Global Warming

We are living in today in Global Warming period.

In present time we experience effects of global warming, and we can see how dangerous is global warming for environment and for human.

This period started many years ago, but, the effects of it are really drastically from few years.

Last years report about reducing ice on North and South Pole, about fires in Australia and California, storms, floods and many other effects of global warming have raised a huge worldwide alarm.

In present time not only scientists but also many normal peoples start thinking and discuss what we can to do to reduce global warming. Global warming effects start make scare to normal people and many of us ask what to do to stop or to reduce global warming. Scientists teach us that everyone can do even small act to care about environment and reduce warming effects.

Numerous groups on all the world are working towards reducing the ill effects of global warming.

Scientists creating the awareness for peoples that still not too late and that we that can slow down global warming and his effects.

If you want to put own small contribution in reducing of global warming you should remember to do those few actions.

Each individual can contribute helping the cause of reducing global warming effects through:

    • reduce and recycle all household rubbish
    • recycle old newspapers, glass, plastic and metals. Use your local
    house clearance company, they will help you about effective recycling and old furniture disposal

    • teach your children about importance of recycling
    • reuse popular things at household
    • try to buy only things which can be reused
    • reduce the use of heat and air conditioning in your house, office and car
    • use alternatives for hot or cold effects, like wearing warm clothes and keeping yourself warm
    • keep the temperatures indoors house through add insulation to your walls windows
    • reduce use car and always when possible use public transportation rather than your car
    • if possible and not so long distance try to walk than use only car. This will advantage for your health, your body physical conditions and to global warming also
    • buy and use only fuel efficient car
    • if possible uses alternative fuels like biofuel or electricity
    • for your house buy energy efficient products, always when it is possible
    • save electric energy at home through using new generation bulbs in lamps and as long possible is try to use natural light during daytime. Natural light is healthier for human health
    • while shopping don't buy plastic bags any more, take from home own eco or paper bag. Encourage the members of your family to use paper bags
    • switch off all not necessary electric devices when you leave the room. This way you reduce your utilities bill and save natural environment
    • reduce using water and turn off the tap water if no need non-stop water flowing. Reduce the bath time if possible
    • plant trees and be an active person to local environment actions

Keeping these few points in mind, you will definitely contribute to reducing global warming.

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