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Where to Purchase the Best Cat Accessories?

Author: Purple Pet Iprimio
by Purple Pet Iprimio
Posted: Sep 29, 2020
kitty litter

When you adopt or get a cat, you usually think of investing in products like kitty litter, kitty litter box, kitty litter scoopers, and everything. What you will realize later is that cats like any other animal have a few natural urges and one of the most primal ones amongst them is to scratch.

Scratching comes naturally to cats, it is their way of cleaning their paws, removing old material, and marking their territory. There is a scent gland in their paws which help them to do so. At first, scratching posts may seem a bit too much but if you invest in a good one, you’ll soon see that it will be a headache free solution to your pet’s natural tendencies and is extremely good for their health. If this solution is not provided, pet cats usually turn to objects with rough surfaces to help them satisfy this need. You are eventually going to end up losing your beloved carpet so instead of that headache, it’s better to redirect your cat’s attention to something else

The best natural cat scratching post is a tree, so when you’re out in the market or looking online, look for similar features in that of a cat scratching post. If you are looking for the best scratching post ever, hold your horses and look into our shop. PurplePet offers two cat scratcher ramps. Both of them differ only in the length of the ramp, else everything else is the same.

The cat scratching ramp our brand offers have the following Features:

  1. Our ramp includes Catnip- It is an economical way to prevent your pet cat from destroying your furniture or carpet. Our scratching ramp includes catnip which attracts cats instantly and easy for the cats to form a positive association with the ramp.
  1. The ramp design- This particular design helps your pet cat get exercise as there is space for them to climb and run along with their scratching.
  1. Handy- The ramp is actually two pieces fixed together, so you can easily fold it and keep it anywhere for storage or travel for vacation. During vacations, it will offer a sense of familiarity as it will already be marked as your pet’s territory. It doesn’t even require that much space in the cupboards or under the bed during storage. It is quite light in weight so that adds to the handiness.
  1. Quality- The material that we use in the ramps is very thick and will last two to three times longer than thinner cheaper versions. You can compare the thickness with any another brand.
  1. Environment friendly- Our product is actually made from recycled corrugated cardboard.
  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction- We absolutely abide by these words. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, please let us know a valid reason and we will either offer a full refund or a replacement for free.
  1. Risk-free purchase from a registered brand on Amazon- Iprimio is a registered brand on Amazon. We are the hardworking Michigan based company that always considers customer satisfaction as its top priority.
  1. Uh, it’s fun- We all know how satisfying it is to give in to our natural instincts to do something. Think about your pets and how fun it will be for them when they can’t even express it with their words. It’s not only going to be liberating for them but also going to be gleeful for you.
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