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Understanding the Human Psyche Through the Eyes of an Astrologer

Author: Astroyogi Astrologer
by Astroyogi Astrologer
Posted: Oct 08, 2020
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Have you ever tried to find out about the basics of astrology and how it affects your psyche? Why is it that the moment people start following astrological remedies, their lives tend to change for the better?

In this article, you will learn about the various aspects of astrology related to the human psyche and how an astrologer is able to look beyond the surface and guide you about the things that lie in your future.

How is Astrology Related to Psychology?

There are numerous threads of thoughts that form the basis of association of astrology and psychology. An astrologer needs to understand the psyche of the client in order to win their confidence and ensure that they follow their advice.

For instance, if you contact an astrologer to confirm if your lover is having an illegitimate affair with another person, then it is the duty of astrologer to break the news to you in a subtle and assuring way so as to help you deal with the heartbreak and motivate you to move on.

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If the astrologer is unable to understand your psychological dilemmas, then he/she would be too detached to answer your question with complete honesty and this kind of behaviour will altogether change your attitude towards astrology and ruin your belief on the subject.

Also, the psychological aspects of a human being are very much essential for an astrologer to know in order to understand the problems of their clients and how they can offer the best advice to help them achieve success and happiness.

But what most people overlook is the fact that astrology is a science that takes into account the position of the planets and relates it to the present circumstances and past karmas of an individual and only this knowledge enables them to peep into their future.

This means that it is compulsory for the astrologer to look into the workings of the mind of an individual, take cue from their behaviour and only then tell them about the predictions and remedies that would work for them in the best possible way.

But unfortunately, many people use this aspect of astrology to fool others. These so-called fake astrologers only tell you about what you want to hear and use this connection between astrology and psychology in the most ridiculous way.

Due to this reason, it is important to talk to a genuine astrologer who will provide you with the best astrology astrologer app horoscope on the basis of your present and past and ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes in future.

How Does Astrology Work in Sync With The Psyche?

Well, this is a complicated question that needs to be answered in a simplified way in order to understand the connection between astrology and the psyche. Let us take an example to look at it in a better manner.

As per astrology, it is believed that the Moon rules over our emotions and therefore, it is responsible for the various fluctuations and mood swings that we face. It is also observed that the moon has a really powerful influence on the menstrual cycle of a woman and therefore, during the premenstrual syndrome and the menstrual cycle a woman becomes really agitated and irritated.

So can it be said that the moon can actually impact our emotions and its movements can have a powerful effect on our lives? Of course, this is what astrologers have been trying to do since the ancient times.

They relate the naturally occurring phenomena of the universe to the inner workings of the human mind. They study about the past karmas and present attitude of a person and on that basis predict what may happen in their future. This is what relates the inner psychology to the events that can be predicted through astrology.

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