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Perks of having a better ux for seo

Author: SEO Hub
by SEO Hub
Posted: Oct 04, 2020
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Web designing services in the US with the recent advancements and new trends in SEO, it is becoming crucial to have a good user experience. Google has been putting a lot of emphasis on this topic and failing to have a good interactive user experience results in bad organic traffic and negatively impacts rankings on search engines. Therefore, it is imperative to work on UX and move ahead of the traditional SEO.

The sole purpose of having a website is to attract audience. This audience converts into buying customers only when they find an appealing user experience and see a website that is easy to interact with. In order to accomplish this, you need to think ahead of just having a strongly coded website. A user friendly, and appealing website gets you heavy traffic and also results in lower bounce rates.

So, how does UI/UX enhance SEO?

1. UX designs help increase your revenues:

People often wonder why does one website receives huge traffic as compared to its competitor that is selling the exact same services/products often at the same price. The only answer to this is a better UX that they provide. Research shows that a good 75% of users label a website good or bad based on its overall aesthetics and features. An appealing and interactive interface that wows a customer definitely results in converting more leads.

2. Optimizing speed:

In order to have a better user experience, the first and foremost thing to work upon is to improve the load speed which will ultimately load your website faster and have a faster overall speed. Remember, a lagging and slow website always repels people.

3. Convenient and User Friendly:

Having a website that is accessible and easy to navigate in all of its pages and areas results in customer satisfaction. Such websites engage and involve the audience and customers always return which in turns improve customer loyalty.

4. Positive word of mouth:

With a better user experience, satisfaction increases and customers become permanent users of the brand. As a result, people start writing and speaking about their good experience which is undoubtedly the best way of marketing. Others who hear and read about your website will definitely log on to see for themselves helping your website traffic to grow and also enhancing your brand’s credibility.

5. Better Rankings:

A user friendly and engrossing website definitely results in enhanced rankings on Google and all other search engine pages, and having a better ranking is one of the most important goals for any business that operates online.

6. Lower Bounce rates:

People usually bounce to other websites when they come across a site that is difficult to use, has lagging issues, or isn’t appealing at all. Having a better UX lowers down your bounce rates heavily and your users will certainly stay on for longer periods.

7. A good UX cuts down your development costs:

UX design has various stages and once you understand them, you can easily cut down on your costs reserved for development. Good UX design results from a plethora of factors like: a thorough research, information design for architecture, prototyping and wire framing and the final implementation. UX designers spend a considerable amount of their resources and time in enhancing the website in accordance with their users.

8. A good UX design engages your customers with your content:

By content, we mean anything that appears on the website, ranging from pictures, videos, advertisements or texts. Whether you have blog that talks about lifestyle or an e-commerce website, you provide content of some sort. In recent times, blogs and content that are more represented through visuals and pictures are rated better than textual ones.

Modern UX design mostly emphasizes on personalization or customization. Personalized UX are more about providing content that suits a particular user. Websites or pages that show messages like, "Similar items that you’ve seen" or "Things you may like" certainly attract people. Recent researches have shown that around 56% people more likely to come back on a website that gives recommendations and suggestions.

Moreover, UX designers are always focused on consistency and consistent designs are much more comfortable. Comfortable designs have popular elements like menus on the top or maybe on the left. This helps your users to cut down on time to learn how to navigate through your website.

9. UX designs helps in saving resources:

Often, companies hire marketers and sales agents to promote their products/services without focusing on investing user experience that actually delights users. By investing in a better UX design, it allows you to stop wasting human resources and money.

User experience research aids in finding and detecting inefficient solutions and stops their implementation at the development stage by customizing your website features to cater to the demands of your target audience.

All in all, UX is a highly crucial aspect of SEO and having a good strategy to incorporate a better UX design will definitely help your website gain better traction. The more user friendly your website is, better the chances of having users stay longer on your websites resulting in increased profits. To get a UX design that suits your audience and improves your SEO, you should avail the services of top web designing services in US.

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