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Payroll in Tally? How To Use Payroll in Tally ERP 9 full Information.

Author: Komal Komal
by Komal Komal
Posted: Oct 09, 2020

What is Payroll in Tally? Payroll in Tally ERP 9 full information

If we comes to the salary management of the Employee, then even today we create the Salary Details of Employee using MS Excel, but today I will tell you how you can now make Salary, Payroll Tally through ERP 9 Software Can.

You must have heard the name of Payroll at some time, and if yes, in this article today I am going to tell you that what is the role of payroll in tally ERP 9? how to use Payroll in tally ERP 9? How to create payroll in tally ERP 9? it is quite easy to make Payroll in Tally, according to Excel. So let’s know.

What is payroll? What is Payroll Complete Information.

Payroll is a program through which we can create an Attendance Register of Workers working in our Company / Organization / Firms etc., that too very easily, so we use payroll.

As I said above that let’s create the Attendance Register, let’s know what the Attendance Register is? Attendance Register means which worker is coming to work, at what time does that worker comes, what is the monthly salary of that worker, what is the full address of that worker, what is the last name of that worker, etc…

This is the daily record or report of information about the work in Tally software through payroll, this process is called payroll.

Payroll Entry In Tally? How To Create Payroll In Tally.

Through Payroll, we prepare a Management of Salary of Employees working in our Office / Company. We can easily create Payroll Ko with both Tally ERP 9 and M.S Excel.

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Download Tally notes in hindi pdfWhat is the use of payroll? Let’s know

In Tally ERP 9, just as we used to create Stock Group, Stock Items in Inventory, for Management of Inventory, in the same way, we will create a Group in Payroll for Employee, for Employee Management, after that Employee. What is the name, what is his full address, what is his age, what is his DOB, what is the salary details of that employee?

How many leaves have been taken by the Employee, how many days did he work, and what is the total Salary of the Employee, how much TDS was deducted from the Salary of that Employee, etc? All this work we did in Tally ERP 9 through Payroll is.

How to activate Payroll in Tally? How to Active Payroll in Tally ERP 9?

To activate Payroll features in Tally ERP 9, you have to follow some simple steps, let’s know?

STEP: 1 First of all you will see the option of Features (F11) on the right side at the bottom of Gateway Of Tally, go to that option, and click, either press the (F11) button from your keyboard.

Payroll in Tally

STEP: 2 Now go to the option of Accounting Features (F1) and click.

Payroll in tally

STEP: 3 Now the menu of accounting features will be shown in front of you, to activate Payroll Features, you have to go to Cost / Profit Center Management, and there you will see the option of Maintain Payroll, just you have to YES this option,

payroll in tally

A little below that, you will see the option of Maintain More Than Payroll or Cost Category, you will have to do YES also, then you have to save Payroll Setting by YES.

STEP: 4 Now here you’ll see option to come to Gateway Of Tally and your Payroll Feature is Been activated. Now you can easily create Payroll in Tally.

Payroll in Tally

STEP: 5 If you want to do an entry post in Payroll at Gateway of Tally, then use Payroll Voucher for that. With its help, you can do all the entries related to Payroll Me Salary very easily.

payroll in tallyWhat can we do in Payroll? Payroll in tally software detailed overview: –

What are the options and functions do we get in Tally ERP 9 through Payroll, let’s discuss with you all about them.

Payroll in Tally ERP 9
  1. Employee Categories: – In this, you can make different categories of Employee-2, such as which Employee belongs to which categories.
  2. Employee Group: – In this, you can create a separate group of 2 Employees.
  3. Employee: – In this, you can create all your Employees easily.
  4. Units (Works): – In this, you can create a unit for the Employee, which Employee has done how many hours work.
  5. Attendance Production Type: – In this, you can create an Attendance Type for your Employee.
  6. Pay Heads: – In this, you can easily create pay heads for Employee. like: -T.A, D.A, P.F, ESI Etc Etc
  7. Salary Details: – In this, you can create Salary Details of Employee, it can be easily checked.
  8. Voucher Types: – You can create any Voucher Types to Entry Post according to your wish in it.

So finally today I gave you all the information about what is Payroll in Tally ERP 9? What is the use of payroll? Gave a quick overview of all these. Want to know more about Tally and Download Tally Notes PDF For Free

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