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Neck pain causes and treatment

Author: Iveda Help
by Iveda Help
Posted: Oct 10, 2020
neck pain

You wake up early morning and notice a severe neck pain, how you feel? Bad absolutely! Waking up with a neck pain is not the way you want to begin your day with. In no time, it can bring a bad mood and make simple movements such as turning your head, painful. Well, the major cause of the neck pain is your sleeping position and the type of pillow you utilize or other sleep problems. If you know how, most of these can be rectified. In this blog, we have collected beneficial information from which you can do to put an end to your neck pain.

Causes of Sore Neck When You Wake Up!

While you sleep or the kind of pillow you utilize, you might not give much though to your body position. However, both your sleeping position and pillow can cause stiffness, sore neck and can result to back pain and alternative types of pain.

In a study it was shown that sleeping issues might be at the depth of up to 5 per cent Trusted Source of latest cases of chronic pain. Various factors are easy to control that means that by making few changes you might be able to ease your neck pain and other types of pain also.

Your Sleeping Position

You all might be having your relaxing yet preferred sleeping position by which you find comfortable. But if you are sleeping on your stomach, you are not doing a good job for neck relaxation. However, when you sleep on your stomach, your neck might be twisted to one side for most of the time. This results in causing strain in your neck muscles and make them feel painful and stiff in the morning.

Sleeping on your tummy can also put a strain or pressure on your back, specifically if you sleep on a mattress without much support.

Your pillow

You must select the right pillow to a healthy, pain free neck as your head and neck spend several hours every night on your pillow. A pillow that do not support your head and neck properly can create tension in your neck muscles and cause neck pain.

Memory-foam pillows might permit your head to be cradles at night, permitting for a neutral spine and neck.

Immediate Movement

Immediate movements, such as sitting up fast or flinging your limbs across in a dream, can cause a pain in your neck muscles. Tossing and turning while you’re taking rest, or trying to relax, can also become a cause of sore and stress in your neck

Past Injury

Few types of injuries such as whiplash or sports injuries might not always hurt at first. The complete physical effects might only be felt days later. If you were injured in a way that may have hurt your neck, you might feel to go to bed but wake up the next morning with a very painful neck.

Miscellaneous Causes of Neck Pain When you Wake Up!

There are particularly other causes that can even contribute to you waking up with neck pain. In few scenarios, you might develop a sore neck during the day. Few common causes of neck include:

  • Bad posture during the day

  • Functioning for long hours at a computer, or watching television for too long without changing positions

  • Osteoarthritis-the upper spinal joints

  • Nerve compression caused through a herniated disk or bone spur in your neck

Home Remedies for Neck Sore

There are numerous remedies you can give a try to help get rid of pain if you wake up with a neck pain. You most probably don’t require to see a doctor specifically if you don’t have any other symptoms and you haven’t had a neck pain for longer period of time. Following are some self-care options you can give a try:

  • Apply ice or a cold pack to the painful part of your neck for less than 30 minutes at a time. This will help reduce inflammation in your neck muscles.

  • If you have had pain for one day or more, apply a heat pack to the sore area for 20 minutes at a time. Muscles relax. You can also try painkillers like ibuprofen (Advil), naproxen (Aleve) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

  • Practice some gentle exercises or work out such as walking or yoga. Don’t sit or stand still, move a little bit. No movement can cause your muscles to tighten up.

Prevention is Better than Cure!

To help get rid of neck sore when you wake up, there are steps you can take to support your neck and diminish the strain on your neck muscles.

  • Try sleeping on your side or back rather if you regularly sleep on your stomach.

  • Put a pillow between your legs if you sleep on your sideways not upright. This will help keep your neck aligned with your spine.

  • Ensure the pillow isn’t higher under your head than it is under your neck while sleeping on your side. Making a great effort on your muscles even a little during the night can cause soreness by morning.

  • Must try to use feather pillow that can conform easily to the shape o your neck and head. It is better to replace them every year or two as feather pillows tend to lose their shape over time.

  • Pillows crafted with memory foam can even observe to the counters of your head and neck and can help keep your neck supported.

  • Better to avoid using a pillow that is too stiff or much deep too. This can cause your neck muscles to relax overnight.

  • For a robust support on your back and neck, consider replacing it with a medium-firm mattress if your mattress is sinking in the middle.

  • During the day, make sure to maintain proper position while doing any activity such as standing, walking and sitting specifically when at a desk or utilizing a computer. Keep away from hunching your shoulders and bending your neck too far forward.

  • Rather bending your neck forward to look at it, try to hold your phone at eye level.

  • Give something a miss to tuck your phone between your ear and your shoulder.

  • Last but not the least, exercise continuously. Physical work out can help boost your muscles including those in your neck. It can help improve your posture and relieve stress that might be causing stiff muscles.

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