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Living without food

Author: Iveda Help
by Iveda Help
Posted: Oct 12, 2020
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For every human being, food and water consumption is crucial. A human body requires energy from food sources and hydration from water to function in a proper manner. The various systems in a body functions through a varied diet that you intake and adequate water on regular basis. Though, our bodies even survive for days without water. Due to adjustments to our metabolism and energy consumption, we can go days or most often weeks without food.Before learning about can human beings survive without food, let’s have a look o why food is essentials for humans.

Why is FOOD Essential for OUR BODY?

Food is necessitate and obvious for all of us. In order to develop and grow, eatables gives us the nutrients and energy to stay active and healthy. It allows our body to play, work, think and learn.

Foods are directly connected to a human body, mental and social health because every food or liquid consists specific nutrition like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fats etc that are important for our physical and mental growth. The major sources of nutrition and boosting the body are food and water though various other foods we eat do not have any nutritional values. On the other part, they result in great health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. However, you must select healthy and balanced foods that can facilitate enough nutritional values for the body.

Before clarifying the concept of why food is essential for us, let us know what is food in a very simple and effective detail!

What is FOOD?

For every living being on this planet, food is the third most crucial thing to facilitate energy and development, life management or boost the growth of the body after air and water. Obvious, it is one of the most important part of a human life. In order to promote healthy living and prevention of disease, food plays an important role in every way possible. Generally, it concludes essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins that are taken to facilitate nutritional support for an organism and digested through an organism and taken in by the organism’s cells to keep the balance of a healthy life. The particular nutritious foods are in the form of grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, oils and much more. Everyone out there should be aware of the concept "food" and "nutrition" that are often used synonymously, which is though not correct partially. Food, the compound mixture of several ingredients which are consumed for nutrition. On the other part, nutrition implies a dynamic procedure in which swallowed food is used by the human being for the purpose of nourishment. The more we consume food, the more our body gets nourished. Most of the times, there is illness or infection when there is an insufficient intake of protein, energy or carbohydrate.

What is starvation? Not consuming food or water for a particular period of time refers to starvation. Right after one day or two, your body can be subjected to starvation with no consumption of food and water. At the present time, the human body begins to function distinctively to diminish the capacity of energy it burns. However, starvation results to death.

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