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Chemtex BioBubble Sanitization Service; Antimicrobial Coating For All

Author: Shubham Karnani
by Shubham Karnani
Posted: Oct 12, 2020
chemtex biobubble

With the new normal taking over regular proceedings, one must take good care of themselves and their loved ones and not take slightest of chances, for granted. Wearing of masks, maintaining social distance and personal sanitation will be a part of our life for the coming time to contain this spread.

Communicable diseases get transmitted either through bio-contaminated surfaces or aerial transmission. These mediums are the major cause of disease and infection transmission and can be easily avoided if impeded within the same, necessitating the use of sanitizers and disinfectants.

But using them on regular basis is a mere curative approach and is a stable expenditure of time, money, labor. To sanitize hands after every surface touch, to disinfect surfaces at every juncture is practically impossible. Plus, the use of sanitizers will protect the surface from germs attack for few minutes or maximum few hours. The microbial load increases with time and calls for re-sanitization. Conventional surface disinfection is done with alcohol or chlorines on a daily basis, which turns out to be costly, laborious and most importantly less-reliable.

Take any sanitizer or a disinfectant label, you will find an alcohol or a Chloro compound as their active matter. These chemicals have been of great help but what haunts is their usage expenditure.

What if we say there is no need to regularly sanitize your premises, just do it once and secure yourself from microbial attacks for 90 days. Yes! Sanitize your frequently used surfaces and areas for once and stay germs free for next 90 days.


With Chemtex BioBubble Sanitization Service

This sanitization service is based on Retentive Silane Technology, which on application creates an invisible long lasting anti-microbial coating on the surfaces that are frequently touched and does not allow any sort of microbial colonization. Unlike other disinfectants, Chemtex BioBubble takes preventive approach, barring the microbial contamination and eliminating the fear of virus existence on the treated surfaces. It forms a mono molecular cationic layer over the application surface which acts like a series of "Spikes" that pierces down the microbial membrane on contact. The layer remains intact for about 90 days and keeps on its antimicrobial performance for this period.

Except for Food Contact Surfaces, Chemtex BioBubble can be effectively used on any type of surfaces be it metal, non-metal, plastics, wood, vinyl, tiles, concrete, fiber, leather in Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Colleges, Coaching Centre, Airplanes, Public Transport, Malls, Salons, Shops, Showrooms, Banks, Shopping Malls, Complexes, Amusement Parks, Railway Platforms, Airports, Metro Stations, Bus Depot, and Manufacturing & Production Units.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Long Lasting Antimicrobial Coating
  • Reduces the rate of microbial contamination and its transmission rate
  • Ensures prolonged sterilization of the treated surface for up to 90 days
  • Does not affect the durability of the application surface.
  • Free of heavy metals and phenols
  • Excellent wetting agent; Superior spreading ability
  • Non-corrosive, can be safely used on any type of metal
  • Cost effective dosage
  • Negligible Toxicity; Alcohol free

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About the Author

The name Chemtex depicts Chemical Technology Experts. The early 1970s saw the foundation of Chemtex. And in the following decades, it expanded with its variety of indigenous chemicals and industries catered.

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Author: Shubham Karnani

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