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Tyrannosaurus Rex is not a Monster - How?

Author: Nagaraj SEO
by Nagaraj SEO
Posted: Oct 15, 2020

It was the year 1902 when the first tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was discovered. It was founded by the famous palaeontologist Barnum Brown. The king of the dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex has been named after the Greek word "tyrant" and "lizard". The name means Tyrant Lizard king. This species used to live between 68 and 66 million years ago. This period is denoted as the late Cretaceous Period. At the end of this period, the asteroid ended the epoch of dinosaurs.

Body covered with feathers

The fossils of T Rex did not preserve feature on it, but other skeletons of this tyrannosaurus family had features on them. Hence, it is assumed by the palaeontologist that T-Rex also had feathers. Especially the babies do have fur on their entire body. A grown-up T-Rex had little features on their body all through their life. The hatched, T-Rex looked like feathery Turkish than that of a predator.


From the tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, researchers found that T. Rex had a short lifespan. They grew up very fast and could start preying at the age of four. It is easy to determine the lifespan of a T Rex by analysing the fossilized body of this species. From the growth rings of bones, it is possible to calculate the age of the predator. It is also possible to identify how fast a dinosaur used to grow by analysing the spaces between the rings. From the analysis, we came to know that the average lifespan of T-Rex was between 28 to 30 years.

Gaining weight

The palaeontologist also discovered that a hatchling T Rex used to gain weight almost 1700 pounds per year. The transformation of a baby T-Rex to a gigantic predator was too fast. They used to gain weight of about 9 tons in just 18 to 20 years. It used to get a length of 40 to 43 ft, and height from the hip was nearly 12 to 13 ft.

Body structure

T-Rex belonged to the family of tyrannosaur. The earlier species of tyrannosaur had a smaller body, and they could move faster than T-Rex. The previous species had perfectly proportioned arms. But, the t rex did not need their arms to hunt. The massive jaws with sharp teeth were enough to catch the prey and chomp it. The bite was extremely powerful than other animals on the earth of that age. The bite force used to be almost 7800 pounds.

So there are many arguments about whether the T-Rex a predator or scavenger. But from the tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, it revealed that the T-Rex was a true predator.

It feels sad to learn that such gigantic creatures need to bid adieu, to the world for compatibility issues with the environment. But all that is good to know still has so many fans left behind who are keen to know about this creature and want to have a replica of it at home or want to visit amusement parks to see the gigantic replicas, which are look alike. One of the leading and trusted companies of the industry that are into making of look-alike T Rex Replica is TrexFossil.
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