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How can you tell if someone is wearing a wig?

Author: Sham Fayuan
by Sham Fayuan
Posted: Oct 16, 2020

Outside of the black community, wigs are gaining popularity in recent years. People who start wearing wigs are mainly divided into twp camps: fashion accessory or hair loss remedy. It’s not rare to see celebrities walk the red carpet with distinct and trendy wig hairstyle. Also wigs are necessary for some stage performance or film shooting.

Versatile wig hair colors and hairstyles are being invented and accepted by the public. People want to wear wigs for fun, to change their look for an event or just for a night out. Have you ever thought that how can you tell if someone is wearing a wig when you walk in the streets. Let’s find out together here in this blog.


There are no foolproof ways to tell whether someone’s hair is real or not. But you can usually tell by looking at the hairline near the part. Is there a shadow from hair in front on the forehead? If the answer is yes, then she must be wearing a wig. The lace part of a wig has tries the best to mimic people’s skin color, but it’s a hard thing to look exactly like the same as real human scalp skin.

Besides, wig adhesive or glue is usually used to secure the wig. If you are not an skilled wig wearer, it’s easily to see lace glued on the forehead or sometimes there is even white residue of wig glue. What’s more, wigs often come with a very round hairline which is obviously not real. If you have ever observed your own hairline, you’ll notice that it’s a irregular and uneven hairline shape. So to make wigs look more natural, wig wearers need to pluck the hairline themselves.

Part line

You can also tell if a person is wearing a wig when you see it with your own eyes by the part line of the wig. Is the part the same color as the forehead? If not, it means she is wearing a wig cap, so there will be color difference. In addition, when you get the wig straight out of the package, the wig parting is usually a slim seam and looks harsh, while real hair parting will be a little wider.

Therefore, to pluck your hairline and the parting is a must-do job if you want a realistic wig look. Another trick to see if someone is wearing a wig is the concealer or foundation. Concealer or foundation is often used to cover the lace but sometimes it’s noticeable if not blended well with your skin color.

Hair texture

In terms of hair texture, you can tell a difference if it’s a synthetic wig. After all, synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fiber. The hair texture, softness and luster will be totally different form real human hair. Synthetic wigs tend to have some sort of synthetic shine, which is especially noticeable in sunlight. you are pretty much like beacons of light. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper than human hair wigs because they are less natural-looking. Hence cheap wigs with wiggy look are easy to spot.

All textures

So it’s relatively easier to tell when it comes to synthetic hair. But for good quality human hair wigs or extensions, it’s harder to tell the difference through hair texture. They can be indistinguishable from eve an expert eye. Therefore, you may need to identify the wig by hairline or hair parting. In some cases, you may encounter a synthetic hair wig mixed with real human hair, which increases the difficulty in distinguishing. In this scenario, you’ll need to touch the hair with your fingers. Synthetic hair will be rougher than 100% human hair.

Too perfect

Generally speaking, the low-grade synthetic hair can be discerned by our eyes due to wiggy look, but some good quality hair or extensions are not that easy to detect. Sometimes if the hair is too perfect it may be a wig. For example, in a very humid conditions, if someone’s hair still looks perfect while everyone else id fighting frizz. Then you can say it’s very likely that the hair isn’t real.

Awkward posture

This situation may not be suitable to experienced wig wears. But you can certainly find it on wig beginners. There are people who become so conscious that they do not even move their heads or will be in a static posture when they are wearing a wig. Perhaps they are worrying that the wig may fall off if they have big movement. Or they might be not so confident to wear wigs. Or the wig is uncomfortable to wear. Whatever the reason is, you can tell that she is wearing false hair from the rigid neck posture. But this will disappear when they get used to wig wearing.

You might suspect a wig with certain styling, but those styles are popular with real human hair too. There is literally no way to know short of physically examining. Actually in real life, no one will come that close to examine your hair. Some of them may not even notice that. Everyone wears a wig for different reasons, maybe because of hair loss, maybe because of beauty. Whatever the reason is, it’s not a shame to wear a wig. And if someone notice that you are wearing a wig, it’s not a big deal. Try to work on a invisible and natural looking!

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