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What Compact Tractor UK is right for me?

Author: Ggm Groundscare
by Ggm Groundscare
Posted: Oct 17, 2020
compact tractor

What is the difference between a sub-compact tractor UK and compact tractor UK?

A sub-compact tractor UK is what could be described as a ‘half way house’ between a ride on mower and a compact tractor UK. They are often a popular choice with owners of small holdings or for equestrian centers and contractors, however they do have their limitations and are not ‘all things to all men’ which can be a common misconception.

The first main difference is the physical size. Usually sub-compact tractors UK are limited to 20-26 HP and are smaller in size when compared to a standard compact tractor of the same HP rating such as a Kubota compact tractor UK. However, this means they are usually more nimble when it comes to getting into tighter spaces. They are also lighter so are generally more forgiving on turf and don’t leave as big a footprint. The wheels are much smaller on a sub-compact tractor UKwhich means less ground clearance and the lift capacity capability will be considerably less due to a limited oil flow pump capacity and the fact the tractor is physically smaller and therefore less stable.

What is the difference between a utility compact tractor UK and a compact tractor UK?

A utility tractor can be described as a more basic, functional version of a standard compact tractor UK like a Kubota compact tractor UK, minus ‘the bells and whistles’ such as a fancy cab with air conditioning or an air seat. In a lot of cases these extras are not essential and are often what you are paying a premium for.

For people who are working to a limited budget or don’t want anything that is too complicated a utility tractor will meet all of their requirements. If you are looking for a solid tractor that keeps going all day long you won’t go far wrong with a Kubota L1361 utility tractor or similar.

How to choose a compact tractor UK?

The first and most important thing is to seek professional advice from your local dealership. Many times customers ask for a price on a particular model of tractor such as a Kubota compact tractor UK only to find that what they are asking for is not what they actually require, potentially a costly mistake! Try and provide the sales person at the dealership with as much information as possible, i.e. budget, what jobs you are looking to do with the machine and the type of terrain you are working on.

Always ask the dealer representative to do a site visit, this will give you the best chance of gaining the correct advice and getting the best value. For example as a general rule a ‘manual’ Kubota compact tractor UK is usually better suited to ground preparation work such as cultivating or spraying, mainly because you can control your working speed far better which is imperative when working in confined spaces or if you are looking to lay down sand or fertilizer and want to calibrate your spread rate. A ‘hydro’ Kubota compact tractor UK is more suited to mowing or loader work as it offers speed and ease of use via a simple pedal operation system which makes it easy for transition from forward to reverse with changing gear or operating a shuttle lever.

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