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Diy termite spray becomes an $11,000 mistake for homeowner

Author: Mick Jain
by Mick Jain
Posted: Oct 14, 2020

We were called out lately to see a customer that had been experiencing recurring termite difficulties throughout the years. This particular customer wasn't new to us -he'd called Pest-Ex to do termite assessments on his house routinely; nevertheless, this specific house owner always demanded attempting to treat the termites himself. Although we had continuously discovered termites in his fencing, his garage, as well as even more lately, his lounge space.

When we check a residential or commercial property, we always suggest a course of professional treatment to remove any termites we discover. We likewise provide remedies to prevent them from coming back. Regrettably, this property owner decided he wasn't interested in any of that. Instead, he would undoubtedly make use of an item that he'd purchased from the equipment shop.

Of course, this was entirely pointless, because by the time we would certainly show up, the termites would certainly have deserted the cured location as well as relocated elsewhere. This went on for months, up until of course-- it ended terribly.


The termite treatments you can purchase from an equipment shop kill the termites promptly on call. They are generally bifenthrin or imidacloprid based products and work in a similar method to a fly spray.

Among the issues with this is that termites have an all-natural sense for when they are in danger and also will abandon the location as soon as a region is treated with a repellent type spray. When it dries, it's obtained no residual effect whatsoever. By the following early morning, the termites have either deserted the area where it was wet and show up a metre or two away. Or they abandon the location as well as show up on the other side of your home.

A homeowner might be killing 500 termites in his wall surface using a spray from the local hardware; nonetheless, what they stop working to become aware of is that the nest has numerous termites. It ought to likewise be noted that each day, a swarm will undoubtedly produce a further 2,000 to 5,000 termites.

Instead, we utilize a product called Termidor, which has a transfer result. Termites are unable to detect it, as well as they pass it on to the various other termites in the colony. Termidor costs half the cost in the future of the DIY chemicals, and also it's a long-term solution.


When we were called back to examine the home, the house owner informed us he had made use of a Do It Yourself product having bifenthrin in the wall on the 2nd flooring, where he'd found termites. He told all of us the termites were gone, but he wished to see to it.

We did a complete termite evaluation. Using an infrared camera, we discovered that the swarm had actually abandoned the cured location and relocated only one metre away. The coptotermes termites (likewise referred to as below ground termites) had currently started to create a sub-nest beside the place he had treated.

We have been attempting to clarify to this property owner why DIY termite treatments do not benefit numerous years. All he was doing was relocating the termites on. He's had a continuous trouble every year of termites returning, and it's the same colony. The same types of termite appear in his property once or twice a year. He ultimately accepted a deal with the residential property with Termidor to eliminate the termite nest as well as mount a complete boundary termite barrier around the residential or commercial property.


Unfortunately, the damage to his property had been done. It cost him $11,000 for a new upstairs washroom. The top flooring joists were dined entirely in a restaurant by termites, which he could not see until he raised the floorboards. All the flooring had bent. The floor joists had been dined in a restaurant, as well as since the floor bowed and also bent down as a result of the stress, it had damaged the waterproofing membrane.

Property owners believe they are saving cash by doing Do It Yourself termite treatments, but this situation reveals simply how ravaging the repercussions can be. Also worse, termite damage isn't covered by home insurance. This homeowner had a large bill he was responsible. The termite treatment expense for this resident was double what it should have been plus the damages and repair costs incurred.


Don't interrupt them or try a DIY therapy in the area. When house owners spray chemicals, it makes it harder for us to discover the termites.

Call us to perform a full evaluation of your house as well as property, including the garden. Because the area of activity hasn't been disturbed, we'll have access to an excellent feeding site. It offers us a specified location to use non-repellent. Or if we're doing a baiting treatment, it provides us with a perfect spot to start over ground baiting.

Just because you have splashed the home window frames with a Do It Yourself item, as an example, it does not indicate you're without termites. We might examine the residential property and find they're still all through the mulch outside, and the nest is thriving. They have not had time to get back into your home yet.


Suppose you're concerned that you could have termites in your home or it's been a while because your last inspection, contact us today. We'll arrange a time ahead out as well as make sure that your house is secured.

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