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Tips for Tenants leaving home for vacation: HappyTenant

Author: Happy Tenant
by Happy Tenant
Posted: Oct 17, 2020
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Going for holidays is something which we all love to do but have to be sure that our home remains safe from intruders or thief’s. It is really important because whenever we leave for the holidays we always stay worried about our house safety but if the house is rented one or you’re a tenant, then this responsibility increases many folds.

Here are some tips for the tenants to keep their home away from keen eyes of bad people while they are away.

Leaving lights on is a great idea to make outsiders realize that your home is not empty and someone is still there. Especially during the night under the dark sky when any house seems to be totally black out, it makes the crook think that it is easy to conquer. There are several smart lights available in the market which can be controlled by your mobile and you can switch it on and off from your mobile phone itself making others believe that you're still there in your house.

Get all the property maintenance done before leaving is a smart move because in your absence even a single broken or dysfunctional thing can give you a shock after coming back. Even a minor leakage can result in a big disaster for your home. So, it’s better that you get it fixed before leaving. Happy Tenant award winning property management software helps you to keep track of all the maintenance work on the property.

Not going public on social media about your vacation is another way of ignoring burglars as now everyone is on social media, even it is easy to stalk anyone's life. We advice to stay private about it until you're back from your vacation and can post all the things you want after you reach home. This tip is not just about your house security but for your life too as people who wants to harm you will also get a chance.

Use curtains and blinds for reducing the visibility of your house and the things which are kept inside. Using such things help you not to attract thieves toward your house as anything will be hardly visible to them.

Keep expensive things at a safe place is also a great idea as if by any chance the burglar came inside your house so he won't be able to find anything valuable and might go away by himself probably after exploring your beautiful house and finding nothing. All that he will take back is disappointment.

Putting an alarm in your absence is a smart move as if anyone will try to get into your house or property the alarm will automatically bring them into the limelight of your neighborhood and will also notify you, which is obviously not good for the robber but good enough for your home security. You can even put a password for your home security.

Tell your neighbors before going out so that they will stay alert and keep an eye on it and will possibly pay attention to people who will be behaving weird and trying to get into your house.

Put all the tools inside the garage so that the intruders don't use your tools like ladder to get into your own house through windows.

Check your door and windows lock beforehand and if it is damaged or not working properly then get it done as it might cost you a lot afterwards. So before leaving make sure that your house lock is at its best.

Take away your hidden house key- As in normal days it is an escape but when you're going out it can be a hand served meal to the burglars which will be provided by you only, so don't be foolish enough to make that mistake and take away the hidden key of your house with you.

Nowadays, every property manager uses Property management appsor software to keep the data of their tenants. Also, Property Management Software UAE helps property owners in keep check on vacant house and ensure the safety of home to a great extent.

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