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A Quick Guide on using Spray Tan Machine

Author: Spray Tan Warehouse
by Spray Tan Warehouse
Posted: Oct 17, 2020

Having a healthy tan helps you look and feel better, modern spray tan machines are very safe and only use nontoxic mainly plant based sprays and solutions. They work by reacting to the amino acids in your dead skin, turning them a slight bronze colour or a giving the appearance of having a light tan.

This quick guide will help you successfully use your spray tan machine.

Follow these simple steps to produce a great long lasting spray tan:


Exfoliation is the process of removing all loose or dead skin, it can be done by using by gently scrubbing the body or with the use of an exfoliating agent. Cleopatra was famous for bathing in milk because the mild acid in the milk gently cleaned and removed any dead skin and giving her a beautifully clear complexion.

This cleaning of the skin first is very important so that your tan will stay on your skin longer.

A Cream Barrier

The application of a moisturizing cream helps the tanning solution to be absorbed evenly and deeper into your skin. Areas that are normally dryer such as hands, feet, knees and elbows especially need have moisturizing cream applied to stop them absorbing larger amounts of tanning solution and looking darker.

Your Tanning Area

Ideally, a spray tan booth should be used, but if not available then a bathroom or spare room can be used. Try not to spray in areas where furniture of fabrics could be affected. You need good ventilation to avoid breathing in the spray

The Tanning Process

It’s always best to do more, lighter coats, than trying to and make one heavy coat as you have much more control and can avoid streaks and runs.

The basic process is almost the same for all spray tan machines:

Start by adding about three ounces of spray tan solution into the cartridge on the spray gun. Make sure you tighten the lid properly so nothing can spill out.

Adjust the air flow control knobs so you get a light even spray, the higher you set the control the darker the resulting spray tan will be. If spraying children or those with very fair skin use a low setting.

During the spraying process, you may need to adjust this setting depending on the area you’re spraying

It is quite possible to spray yourself or have a friend do it for you

Always hold the spray gun vertically to ensure an even tone

For the face area, hold your breath and spry in a smooth circular motion in short bursts in three different directions, going from your forehead to the sides and then your temple to your chin

Spray the body in vertical stripes and apply to the arms, armpits, legs, hands and feet lightly

Normally the tan will dry in about ten minutes, depending on the solution and the spray tan machine you’re using.

As soon as you’re finished flush out the spray gun with a flushing solution or fresh, clean water and wipe the hoses and compressor with a damp cloth after ensuring the power is turned off.

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We have a wide variety of spray tan machines and products to give you the choice you want from small portable machines to the professional level application.

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