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How to fight Computer Eye Strain at Home

Author: Billy Anderson
by Billy Anderson
Posted: Oct 18, 2020
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Due to the pandemic, work from home is the biggest shift people had in their lives. We are literally living our life inside the internet. Some people might argue that most people were already using computers for their work, but believe me, the change is huge. Not only our work is on computers, our meetings, entertainment, and communications are also happening to them. All meetings are shifted to zoom or google meet if we need to talk with our friends online since meeting them in real life is not a safe option. Also for entertainment, we cannot go outside since most theatres and parks are closed and social distancing restrictions are there. Even most people you were eating out once a week are now ordering food.

But such an intense demand for staring on digital screens has a huge toll on your life. It can affect your eyes and can lead to headaches, eye-strain, dry eyes, reduced concentration, and maybe even blurry vision. All these symptoms can also be combined in one problem, Computer eye strain. While there are many good ways to get rid of them, here are some of the best and effective remedies to fight it:

  • Adjust Monitor settings: The best tip is that your computer/laptop screen should be an arm’s length away from you. Also, your head length when sitting should be in the vertical height as your the of your screen. You should also maintain at least 25 cm distance while using your mobile or tablet. Make your adequate bright if you are using in dark and also use dark mode wherever possible for apps and websites.
  • Exercise your Eyes: There are some very easy eye exercises that you can perform to cure it. According to the 6 eye strain remedies by Timely, the best is the 20-20-20 screen rule, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 mins. I understand you cannot do it for every 20 mins, but do it while you are drinking water, or in morning exercises, and during night shower. This exercise is very effective in reducing computer eye strain.
  • Adjust Lighting: If the work wherever you work, doesn't have enough lighting, then your eyes will feel more strained. It can be caused either by many bright lights or if it too dim. The best solution will be to keep the lights a little bit softly lit when using your mobile. Also, avoid working under bright fluorescent lights because it is not good for your eyes.
  • Blink More: Blinking frequently helps in refreshing as well as make your eyes wet. Blinking produces tears that hydrate them. However, when we are staring at screens, we blink less, sometimes even 66% less due to incomplete blinks. When you blink less, the tears evaporate, which causes the problems. The normal required blink rate is 10 to 15 times a minute. I understand that blinking is not something we can follow every second, but it is best if blink whenever we remember this.
  • Computer eye strain is a bigger problem right now with excessive use of digital devices.. With the tips mentioned above, you can fight your computer eye strain naturally. So, follow these tips and your eyes will also thank you later.

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    Hi, My name is Billy Anderson and I am enthusiastic about nootropics and its benefits for increasing mental productivity. I want to explain all this medical knowledge in the easiest language to make them easy-to-understand for normal people.

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