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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Author: Jason B.
by Jason B.
Posted: Oct 18, 2020
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Where do you think the heart of your house is?

I always thought that it is the kitchen, and I still do. It is where the magic is being born, and having something made with love can always better your day. So why not the kitchen, Right?

And just like our hearts, we can never let the kitchen be dirty. And the trick to do that; clean daily. We all use our kitchen almost every day. So it is necessary to clean it daily to avoid building up stains and molds. For example, after you cooked your dinner, there will be clean-up to do, like wiping off the spillages, washing the dishes, clearing and cleaning the sink, etc. Putting these jobs for the next day will not be for the best for a clean and hygienic kitchen atmosphere. But cleaning them with products that contain chemicals won't be good either, for you and nature. That's why you should come up with some eco-friendly cleaning methods to clean your kitchen spotless daily. And you can find some eco-friendly cleaning solutions in the same kitchen you are going to clean.

Here are some eco-friendly cleaning hacks for your kitchen.

Use Baking Soda

There will always be some wiping to do while you clean your kitchen. And most of these wiping will be by using cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals. Is it better to use this type of chemicals where you cook food for your family, for your children? That is why you need to find a better alternative for this.

You can use baking soda to wipe off the spilling in your kitchen. Baking soda is a product we can find in almost every kitchen. And a mixture of baking soda and water can make any surface sparkle.

Using Lemon for Cleaning

There might not be a kitchen present that doesn't have a lemon. What if I tell you that you can clean a big part of your kitchen using lemons? Well, it's true.

Using lemon is the best way to clean your microwave ovens. You might have to spend an entire day cleaning your oven if you decide to scrub the stains off it. What you can do to make this easy is to use a mixture of lemon and water. Put half of a lemon or lemon juice in a bowl of water and boil it for up to five minutes inside the microwave. Then turn it off and wait a few minutes. After that, you can easily remove the stains and molds of your oven with a single wipe.

Wooden chopping boards can be hard to clean. You can use lemon to ease this task too. Sprinkle some cooking salt into the board and then scrub it with a slice of lemon. After that, rinse it with water to clear the salt and lemon juice off the cutting board. It is the easiest way to clean and disinfect your wooden cutting boards.

There are many other uses for lemons while cleaning your kitchen.

Dish Soap as a Cleaner

It is always hard to wash your blenders. What you can do to overcome this is to put some dish soap in the blender and pour some hot water, put on the lid, and turn it on. The soap will do all the trick needed. Just rinse it with water after the job and see how clean your blender is.

Use Ammonia

Cleaning your hotplates is not an easy job; unless you use ammonia. Ammonia may not smell good, but it can clear all the grease and grime off your hotplates like no other cleaning solutions. And it is inexpensive too, one other reason to use ammonia. The stains and grease will come off your hotplates just by exposing them to ammonia fumes. You'll never have to scrub it off if you use this method. Easy enough, right?

Regularly cleaning your kitchen will not only keep you healthy, but it can help you at the time of your end of lease cleaning. Most of the bond cleaning service providers say that they spend the most time cleaning kitchens because of all the stains, molds, and appliances. Follow eco-friendly methods to clean your kitchen and save some health too.

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