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The Role Of Industrial Centrifugal Fans In The Iron And Steel Industry

Author: Neel Rao
by Neel Rao
Posted: Oct 18, 2020

The importance of the iron and steel industry can’t be denied, as all the other major industries are dependent on it. The steel is necessary to manufacture various machinery required by the other industries. A variety of consumer products, construction material, and equipment needed in the medical, scientific, and defense fields. The steel is usually produced utilizing either a blast furnace or an electric furnace. Now centrifugal industrial process fans are used in both the processes.

Their uses range from the drying and heating of iron pellets, cooling the product, and providing combustion air to the cleaning of waste gases and handling the small dust particles. While manufacturing iron in a blast furnace, these industrial process fans are needed to blow the preheated blast into the furnace.

Choosing The Right Fan For The Right PurposeAs you must have noticed by now, industrial centrifugal fans have a variety of applications in the iron and steel industry. Using the wrong type of process fan for the wrong purpose can give rise to several challenges related to speed, dust load, wear, and tear, etc. This is why it is very important to choose the right industrial process fan for the purpose and ensure that it comes from a reliable manufacturer.

Pelletization PlantThe pelletization plant involves the use of 2 types of fans: ID fan and FD fan. The first one recycles heat from the waste gases from the kiln. This heat is used to dry and heat the pellets. After the first stage of drying the pellets, the gases are forced through a dust removal system.

The FD fan(Depending upon the application), on the other hand, supplies air from the surroundings to cool down the pellets for downstream material handling. This fan also draws away the dust from the gases coming from the dust removal system and then releases the clean air out into the atmosphere.

Sintering PlantIron sinter is a porous mass of iron and other fine materials fused at a high temperature. In the process of sintering, iron ore fines, coke fines, and flux are heated together to create a semi-molten mass. This mass is then solidified to form porous nodules called iron sinters which are fed into the blast furnace.

In a sintering plant, a variety of fans are used such as industrial hot air fans, industrial cooling fans, induced draught fans, forced draught combustion fans, etc. While the hot air fans recover the heat from the sintered product for recycling, cooling fans are used to cool the sintered iron nodules. The function of the induced draught fan is to draw away the gases in the dust removal system and the forced draught combustion fans provide air necessary to support the combustion processes.

Coke MakingIndustrial centrifugal fans are used in coke ovens for multiple purposes. These include providing combustion air to the coke ovens, removing off-gases, and to collect the by-products created in the coke-oven. The industrial process fans are necessary to reduce the temperature of the water used for cooling after it gets heated up in the blast furnace.

Blast FurnaceWhen producing iron and steel using the blast furnace process, centrifugal fans are used primarily for 3 purposes: heating, cooling, and exhaust. The heating fans supply preheated air, known as blast air into the furnace to burn up the coke. The furnace gas from the oven is drawn away using the exhaust fans.

ConclusionThus, it can be concluded that industrial centrifugal fans are an indispensable part of the iron and steel industry. Their applications vary and so do their types. Choosing the right fans for your manufacturing unit would allow you to face limited problems in the long run.

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