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15 Reasons Magento is a Perfect Choice for eCommerce Development

Author: Sinelogix Technologies
by Sinelogix Technologies
Posted: Oct 18, 2020
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An online store is a first and foremost requirement for beginning an e-commerce venture. the selection of the proper e-commerce development platform is probably the foremost important decision for an entrepreneur. Over the years, the emergence and rising popularity of Magento for e-commerce development have made the choice easier for them. Truly, the platform has lived up to its reputation of being an ideal e-commerce partner.

Here are 10 reasons given by Magento website development company in Bangalore that justify your choice of investing in Magento e-commerce development for your enterprise:

Magento is Open source

The open source version of Magento is that the most used one because it offers myriad of features and Marketplace extensions that cause the development of an outstanding eCommerce platform. With the code being open source it gets massive support from energetic community that's helping one another to deliver more quality oriented and secure code.

Magento is devoted to eCommerce

It made its way to open source development quite a while back and rose in popularity because it was the sole platform that completely focused on building an eCommerce store. The features and functionalities which will be infused easily and quickly to the shop by Magento 2 theme development leave the audience highly engaged. A dashboard, simple inventory management, product bundling, cross and up-selling provisions, customer segmentation with sever customization makes it an ideal choice for e-commerce.

Inherently SEO effective

With thousands of pages to be maintained on an eCommerce platform SEO may take a back seat but not if your store is powered by Magento. With sitemaps, meta-tags, layered navigation, and more, a website, built using Magento 2 module development practices, can easily be optimized for search engines.

Multi-third party support

It's not always advisable to code a totally new functionality whenever. Sometimes it's an honest practice to use third-party extensions. Magento may be a perfect platform that seamlessly integrates with a 3rd party extension to quicken the event of a strong eCommerce store.

Multi-currency support

The payment gateway has always been a hassle for the eCommerce stores but with Magento, it's sort of a breeze. Capable of adding multi-currencies acceptance feature within the website, Magento scales your business to a worldwide level.

Scalable and versatile solutions

E-commerce websites got to evolve with changing trends. With Magento, it becomes easy to proportion the web site without paying anything because the platform is open source. With an intuitive front and robust backend, Magento 2 theme development offers both customers and administrators flexibility of use.

Multi-website support

From one admin dashboard, you'll control multiple eCommerce stores that take your business to places. At a really low cost, you get the benefits of multi-website handling with none hassle.

Responsive Websites

Smartphone adds more to the eCommerce sales and also the stats have proved it. With Magento you are doing not got to take any special effort to form the web site responsive it just happens!

Hosting freedom

Hosting needs of an eCommerce platform are massive and Magento completely understands this. that's why it allows you to select up the proper hosting without binding you to any costly packages.

Fast loading Websites

Magento results in the event of fast loading websites. it's a really important factor that plays important role in customer conversion and SEO ranking also. eCommerce in Bangalore team recommends Magento because it is a new age solution for the eCommerce store development that's focused to drive more sales and thrive.

Quick Order

With Magento’s vast purchasing options, you'll enable fast and convenient ordering and boost sales. All buyers need to do is either directly enter the SKUs, use requisition lists, or copy a previous order for a quick checkout. you'll also assist buyers by creating orders for them, tracking quotes, and calculating discounts. the fast order feature is greatly beneficial to buyers who know exactly what they need – buyers can skip the browse step, and quickly place an order of the products they have. Accelerate the acquisition process, facilitate rapid reorders for common purchases, and drive recurring revenue with fast, frictionless ordering.

Large number of extensions

Despite the incredible features it packs, the platform comes with an outsized number of powerful extensions and modules which will be wont to customize the web stores and extend them with additional functionalities. Extensibility may be a necessity for e-commerce stores because they'll got to enhance themselves from time to time.

Content Staging

If you’re a part of an industry which sees several highs and lows in sales and business at different times of the year,Website designer Bangalore suggests you magento’s content staging feature can assist you create a dynamic product page that automatically changes on a pre-determined schedule. Easily create, preview, and schedule a large range of content updates and make multiple versions of content for future updates. Once a content change for a selected period expires, the content automatically reverts to the previous version. you'll schedule content staging for products, categories, price rules, CMS pages or blocks, and widgets.

All platforms configuration

With the rise within the number of Smartphone users worldwide, the demand for mobile-friendly websites has also been increasing. Magento provides responsive themes that enable an equivalent effect for users once they visit the web site on the desktop by delivering seamless mobile experiences. regardless of any mobile platform or confifiguration, Magento sites work successfully and scores the interface experience.

User-friendly security

Magento offers role-based security with multiple authentication levels, PCI compliance, different levels of source validation, and SSL security predominantly because security is that the primary factor when it involves online business. With having online payment facility, customers and business owners both are addicted to the security and security of payment credentials and expect a breakthrough in terms of security restrictions, which Magento satisfies.


Magento may be a wonderful e-commerce development platform that any developer can depend on. it's the potential of arising any complex features of a web site into a user-friendly site and makes your website create impressions through organic searches in search engines. If you need any support on Magento app development, be happy to speak to our website development company in Bangalore executive for correct guidance on the way to proceed with e-commerce website development.

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