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How To Get Rid Of The Clogged Drain Problem

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Oct 17, 2020
grease buildup

A clogged drain is a nightmare for every household. If you do not want to confront this nightmarish experience, you need to adopt a precautionary measure to avoid drain clogging. To prevent a blocked drain, you should find a plumbing service for cleaning and maintaining the drain of your property. Homeowners must know the reasons for drain clogging. Dumping plastic is not the only reason. There could be many other reasons. Despite regular maintenance, problems may happen in some cases. The plumbing service should offer an emergency blocked drain cleaning service to maintain top-class hygiene in your house.

Grease Buildup

Grease buildup is also a common reason behind the drain block. How does it happen? We use a lot of fatty substances that can lead to grease buildup. For example, your daily soap or shampoo may contain fatty substances. All these fatty substances keep accumulating on the walls of your bathroom or kitchen drain. The buildup does not cause a water draining problem at the initial stage. When they keep growing, they cause a blocked drain. People use boiling water, baking soda, vinegar, and other items to get rid of grease buildup. Professional plumbers also apply these tricks. When they do not work, various chemicals are used for getting rid of grease buildup.

Plants Or Leaves Lead To Clogging

Drain outside the house may get blocked with due plants. If there is a strong wind, small branches of plants may fall into the drain. Not just branches, there could be a lot of leaves too. In winter, most of the plants use to release a lot of leaves. Accumulation of the dry leaves in the drainage system leads to a clogged drain. When such a problem occurs, you need to find a good plumbing service. Different Types of Plumbing services are there. It would help if you found a service provider that is an expert in resolving the clogged drain issue.

Broken Pipe

When the draining pipe gets broken, drain clogging occurs. You cannot resolve such a problem without the help of professional plumbers. In such cases, you need to call a plumber for emergency service. Once the broken pipe is repaired or replaced, you shall find that the clogged drain issue has been resolved.

Clogging After Heavy Rain

Drain Clogging can happen due to heavy rain. When rain happens, your neighborhood may get flooded. As a result, various elements, including plastic bags and branches of plants, settle on the drain head. As a result, a drain block happens. You can get rid of the clogged drain easily with the help of different types of plumbing services. Make sure that you hire professional and reliable plumbers for the job.

So, these are the common reasons behind the drain block. There could be many other reasons. But, a blocked drain is a consequence of these reasons in most of the houses. Homeowners who are no training in trade skills for making such changes should let them be. Wellbeing and safety are always the priority. They are more important than some extra expense. Homeowners should also not delay calling a professional for jobs that they know they can’t do. By calling them fast, they can get more quotes. Thus, they have chances of less expense.

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