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Top Solar Panel Dealers in Punjab | Solar Panel Dealers in Near Me

Author: Eco Solar Energies
by Eco Solar Energies
Posted: Oct 25, 2020
Why do you need a solar for your home?

Solar is used for all kinds of electronic equipment, from the solar-powered handheld calculator that will function for sunlight available for solar-powered remote sensors arrays in bouys, and even some experimental vehicles and boats. Surya also placed on the structure of outdoor lighting – charged solar cells during the day, and at night, we get free electricity to keep our streets well-lit and safe. Surya used extensively on satellites, where an array of solar cells provides reliable power to the electrical system of satellites.

The solar power plant, which is a large collection of solar panels arranged to generate commercial electricity, is becoming more and more often these days. While they are 2-5 times more expensive to produce electricity from fossil fuels, electricity generated from solar panels for free, almost infinitely abundant, and non-polluting. Many community-minded environments across America have set up a solar power station to help generate private or commercial solar energy.

Powering homes with solar power has also become a major part of the solar revolution in last two decades have seen. Solar can be placed on the roof of a house, a business, or a remote research station, and can be used independently or in conjunction with the local electricity network.

Advantages of Solar

Universal Solar Panel clean – while generating electricity from sunlight, the solar panels produce almost no pollution, while the burning of fossil fuels releases large quantities of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

For consumers, solar panels can liberate individuals from dependence on power lines and monopoly energy suppliers. Once you make the initial investment in hardware, you will have free electricity for years to come.

Fossil Fuels are limited – Although the reserves of fossil fuels are expected to dry in the next century, solar energy is clean, abundant, and will remain a renewable resource that can meet all the energy needs of the Earth for billions of years to come.

Switching to solar power and have solar panels to power your home is a smart choice for homeowners like you. However, with tons of brands claiming to be the best, choosing the right solar power system for your needs requires you to make the best decision especially in Mohali Punjab.

And to help you, Eco Solar energies have made the initiative to find and attend to your solar panels on brands out there: All brands generally are the best solar panel makers in and out of the Mohali are known for their durability, reliability, fair prices, and premium protection. In the same way, we compare these brands based on criteria of efficiency, temperature coefficient, price and warranty. Here’s what we know.

Most Efficient Solar Panels

The size of solar panel efficiency is based on how well it converts sunlight into electricity that can be used. The higher the rating, the more efficient solar panels is because it means that it works best in capturing sunlight and translate it into energy for use in your home.

Temperature Coefficient Solar Panels

Weather Unideal and state is a measure of the temperature co efficiency solar panels as they are made to be exposed in the sun and in the harshest conditions possible. Thus, the temperature coefficient is the performance of solar panels in less than ideal set-up.

Best Warranty

Just like other electronic devices, materials or equipment warranty is very important for solar panels because it includes the protection and peace of mind for a certain period. Basically, this warranty covers the equipment failure due to manufacturing defects and environmental factors.

While many solar companies offer a 10-15 year warranty (10 years is the minimum warranty based on the needs of the government), which is lengthening the best in the field to 25 years.

The final verdict

Taken into consideration all the criteria for the best solar panels in the market today, each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses and tops each parameter.

Go solar with Eco Solar Energies Mohali Punjab

Making the decision to go solar while complicated it can be easy. Getting an understanding that you need and boost your confidence with top solar installation companies Punjab. Call – ,+91-78372-23202+91-85580-88708 for a free consultation.

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Our engineering capability has enabled us to lead in the solar farm market, achieving target of installing 300+ solar power projects. We have teams working in different cities of Punjab, Mohali and Chandigarh.

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