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How Small Modifications in Car Reduce Engine its Performance?

Author: Bavarian Performance Specialist
by Bavarian Performance Specialist
Posted: Oct 26, 2020
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When people are purchasing a new car, they are always excited to install some new accessories in the car as well as perform the necessary modification to make it more attractive and unique. But in reality, the small modification and installation of new accessories will be emptying your wallet.

On the other hand, the modifications can either increase the motion of the car or degrade its performance badly. Thus, the small modifications in your car can be obsessed with several issues in a long run. The following points define the small modifications that can put a bad impact on the performance of the car.

Ultra-wide tires

Now many people are obsessed with new tires, so in the vehicles like SUVs they use ultra-wide tires to make it prominent. But in reality, those wide tires are not good for the car because they are putting a negative impact on the suspension and the steering system.

In general, the ultra-wide tires are putting unnecessary load on the suspension and steering system as well as increase the overall unsprung mass of the car.

High octane fuel

If you are considering the price of conventional fuel, then the high octane fuel is more useful and convenient. Thus, the high octane fuel is generally required by the high compression petrol engine for running efficiently and getting the best out of the engine.

On the other hand, putting the high octane fuel in an engine that has a low compression ratio will cause several problems in the car. As a result, you will notice pre-ignition or detonation issues in the engine and lead to more deposition of carbon in the engine.

Overloaded body kits

Many people often thought that the car introduced with well designed and engineered body kit will look and run efficiently. Moreover, the body kits not only enhance the performance of the car but also make it more aerodynamic.

But the overloaded body kits will create problems in your car when the kits are used for enhancing the aesthetics rather than overdo the aesthetics. When the body kit is installed poorly, it will make the car slow and heavy.

Low-quality alloy wheels

The alloy wheels used in the car have their own significance and usefulness. So, the auto engineers will spend their skills to develop alloy wheels for specific cars. Now many car owners are purchasing alloy wheels from the aftermarket shops to enhance the aesthetics of the car. If you don’t have any knowledge about reputed brands then choosing the alloy wheels for your vehicle is worthless.

The reason behind is, most of the local market alloy wheels are cheaper and heavier than the steel rims that can increase the unsprung mass of the wheels and decrease the power and efficiency of the car.

Straight pipes

The loud exhausts installed in the car can enhance its movement on the road. But in reality, it is not good for the environment for several reasons. Thus, the modern engine will require backpressure to run. Apparently, each and every car moving on the road can require straight pipes which are very expensive.

When the car is not tuned properly, it will have a drastic fall in performance and life of the car. If the car is tuned properly, then running it on a straight pipe can enhance its performance. But it is not recommended because the emission is thrown straight out into the atmosphere.

Roof rails

Adding extra weight to any part of the car will impact the performance of the engine. When your car carries extra weight, it will be drawn more power and reduce the efficiency drastically. Installing roof rails in your car will poorly hamper the airbag actuation and decrease the overall safety of the car. Additionally putting the roof rails with the sunroofs will also increase the overall sprung mass of the car and make it difficult for the engine to run efficiently.


If you are putting too much pressure on the engine, then it will drastically affect the engine performance. It’s always advisable to don’t install other accessories in your car and avoid unnecessary modifications that can put a bad impact on your car. So, perform the modifications in your car that not only change its look but also increase the efficiency and performance of the car.

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