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Why Concrete Washout Pits are Wastage of Money?

Author: Antose Antony
by Antose Antony
Posted: Oct 26, 2020

When it comes to concrete waste disposal, you just can’t win over the technology used by Concrete Washout Service Providers in Northern Virginia. But, a few of the construction sites will choose concrete washout pits – which are basically make-shift dirt pits that are utilized for holding concrete washout material.

Concrete washout pits are just a thing of the past – and this is why it is the matter of discussion. So, let’s have a look at the pitfalls of concrete washout pits. But, first, we will discuss why people might think that concrete washout pits are a great alternative.

Will Concrete Washout Pits Save You Money?

It's just understandable to need to save money on a construction site. This can be important for what makes concrete washout pit a great option. By all accounts, it would seem like assembling some type of temporary pits to house your concrete washout material appears to be a cost-effective alternative. Nevertheless, you should simply fix a pit with some plastic as well as hay bales. What could be less expensive and simpler than that?

The issue with these types of make-shift concrete washout pits is huge. For one thing, the pits can cost you money over the long run because of unforeseen complications. Not just are these washout pits inclined to leak from tears, yet they can put into legal issues from improper concrete waste disposal.

Besides potential costs, concrete washout pits are not pocket-friendly. In contrast to the convenience of our washout technology, you and your group will be tasked with building and keeping up the washout pits. These pits can be hard to keep up for a similar reason as they can cost money for a long time: they're led to tearing as well as falling apart. Also, washout pits don’t have the characteristics of recycling because of the blending of materials from different uses. This implies it can be a weighty, expensive, and environmentally-damaging alternative. Whatever potential costs you're setting aside front will be lost as soon as possible.

Will Concrete Washout Pits be Environmental-Friendly?

Not at all! For similar reasons that they will cost you more money in the long-run, these impermanent washout pits are not safe for the environment. You can indeed expect high protection when you're handling hay bails, dirt pits, and plastic.

Will Concrete Washout Pits Be Easier Than Concrete Washout Containers?

Besides cost, you may be thinking that concrete washout pits will be simpler than looking for the washout containers. In short, washout pits don’t even offer a comfort that is offered by the innovative containers by the companies who provide Concrete Washout Service in Richmond VA. The reasons must be pretty clear at this point. Washout pits are:

  • Easy to tear
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Not environmental-friendly
  • Hard to keep EPA compliant

In short, washout pits are hard to handle! They are not cost-effective or environmentally-friendly than innovative solutions to washout pollution. Concrete Washout is the ideal way to get rid of the harmful concrete from getting mixed with the soil and affects its properties.

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