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How Deuterated Compounds Optimize Drug Stability?

Author: Nikhil Punse
by Nikhil Punse
Posted: Oct 29, 2020

Deuterium has always been swapped out for hydrogen to increase drug stability but this concept is quickly changing. Read on to learn how companies are using this compound to revamp old drugs and manufacture new ones.

Did you know that out of every ten thousand labelled compounds, the only one makes its way to becoming a drug? Drug discovery is very time consuming, toxicity and a low metabolic rate coupled with several failures have led to a lot of medical researchers to start looking into deuterated compounds and investigating new and improved properties.

So, what is deuterated?

Deuterated compound suppliers manufacture a deuterated drug – this compound has similar physical properties to hydrogen and can be substituted and made into a molecule. These compounds come with some advantages like:

    • A deuterated drug takes a longer time to break down and stays in the body longer, this helps maximize its effect leading to the individual taking less doses.
    • Deuterated drugs have a longer shelf life because unlike other medicines it has a lower rate of metabolism.
    • These compounds help lower toxicity
    • It is more stable and does not mix with other drugs, leading to very slim chances of drug-drug interactions.

These isotope labelled compounds are faster, quicker, long-lasting, less expensive, and lead to more efficient trials compared to other drugs. Research is done by deuterated compound suppliers across a number of illnesses like Alzheimer’s, cancer, liver disease, cystic fibrosis, narcolepsy, Parkinson’s, and more. The majority of the medication for these ailments was taken orally and working with deuterated drug labelled compounds was found to have better results.

What is the growth of deuterated drugs?

These isotope labelled compounds could be worth billions and as per the research conducted it could lead to some of the biggest discoveries in the field of medicine. Around ten percent of approved drugs can be matched with deuteration and because of its chemical structure, during breakdown, the human body will not get affected in any way. This compound was approved way back in 2017 after decades of clinical research and from the initial drug clearance until now, big companies are still finding a number of benefits and advantages using deuterated drugs. It is the latest trend emerging in pharma companies all over and researchers feel that switching deuterium is not only cost-effective but may also lead to a long lifespan.

The capabilities of deuterated compounds now being approved by the government are gaining popularity all over the world. Researchers are dedicating their time to studying and improving these compounds as well as developing and manufacturing medicines in facilities at a high rate. Some facilities are better equipped to handle these deuterated APIs, process them in around 100 kg under GMP along with full analytical testing. Some companies are licensed to import and export deuterated material, inspection, safety, and maintain the high quality of the product.

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