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What Are The Reasons To Keep Boric Acid At Home

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Oct 27, 2020
boric acid

Boric acid is an amazing substance to be kept at home. When we hear acid, a liquid substance comes to our mind. Boric acid is an exception. It comes in the form of white powder. Acids are recognized by their pungent smells. Boric acid does not have any odour. The white powder looks similar to the talcum powder that we use for makeup. Though it looks like an ordinary powder, it possesses multiple health benefits. Not only good for your health, but you can use boric powder for many other purposes. In this article, you can find the reasons to purchase boric acid powder.

Get Rid Of Bugs And Ants

Bugs and ants cause nuisance at home for many people. Despite maintaining proper hygiene, bugs and ants keep invading the house. How to get rid of them? There are a few chemicals to keep them away. But, these chemicals have a high toxicity. If you are searching for a non-toxic solution to get rid of the bugs, you can opt for boric acid. As you know, boric acid is soluble in water. So, you need to take a bottle of water and add the boric powder to the bottle. Additionally, you need to add a little amount of sugar to the mixture. Now, shake the bottle well so that sugar and boric powder get dissolved in water. Use this mixture as a spray for ants and bugs. You can spray them at the places where you commonly find ants and bugs. So, where can i buy boric acid powder? You can get boric powder at a certified chemist store.

Good For Your Eyes

The mixture of boric acid and water is good for your eyes. Due to many reasons, the eyes become red. Due to bacterial infection, conjunctivitis happens to people. For the treatment of such eye infections, you need to use the solution of water and boric powder. Washing your eyes at least twice a day with this solution will help to heal eye infection or conjunctivitis. This is a proven method of conjunctivitis treatment, and it does not fetch any side-effects.

Antiseptic Properties

Boric acid is also known as an antiseptic element. You can apply boric acid powder on small cuts and scratches on your skin. It will heal the cuts on the skin faster. Moreover, it will give you protection against infection spreading. Many people want to know where can i buy boric acid powder? You can purchase boric powder from the local chemist stores. In various over the counter ointment for yeast infection treatment, you shall note the presence of boric acid.

Yeast Infection Treatment

If you are a victim of chronic yeast infection, you can use boric acid to cure such infection. Any fungal infection, skin irritations, and itching can be cured with the application of boric acid. Health experts also prescribe boric acid for acne treatment.

Apart from these, there are many uses of boric acid for various industrial purposes. It is not difficult to get this substance. It is widely available in the marketplace. You can purchase it from any trusted seller.

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