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Get more efficiency with the best solar evacuated tubes

Author: Aime Wolf
by Aime Wolf
Posted: Sep 09, 2014

When you plan to invest in solar water heaters, it is important to make sure that you choose the best and the longest lasting solar vacuum tubes. The best solar evacuated tubes have the most efficient absorbing coating found on their inner layers. The better this inner layer, the better is the performance of a tube. When the coating is of the highest quality, the life expectancy of the tube is also considerably extended.

Most of the solar vacuum tubes have the inner coating done through a hi-tech reactive sputtering process. The primary absorbing coating is made from aluminum and aluminum-nitrogen coating (Al-N/Al). When you look at the best solar evacuated tubes, you see that there is not only this Al-N/Al coating, but also another layer of aluminum and a third layer of copper. These three layers together ensure better heat conductivity. This three layered coating also improves the life expectancy of the tube and the best tubes can last for more than two decades.

Is all this sounding Greek to you? It will if you are not used to solar heating systems. But the way the non-renewable energies of the planet are getting exhausted, it is better that you find out more about this form of energy and adopt it. Solar energy systems are already in use in multiple parts of the world and people are benefiting immensely by making the switch. The installation cost may set you back by some amount, but the cumulative savings that you make are immense. Within one year of using your solar energy system, you will have found out that you made a wise decision.

The earlier models of solar heaters had one perennial problem. They wouldn’t work on days when the sun wouldn’t be visible. Moreover, they were not able to retain the heat of the sun for a longer time. Places like Laundromats and car washes need a lot of hot water. Many of these establishments switched to solar heating a long time ago, but they faced issues on cloudy days. The problem was solved by solar vacuum tubes. These tubes are highly sophisticated and they are able to retain heat better. The three layered solar evacuated tubes that have been mentioned here not only absorb more heat, but they are also able to retain it for much longer durations thanks to their advanced coating systems. Most of the solar heating systems now use these tubes and the problems of efficiency and the cloudy days have been taken care of.

As you find out more about the solar heating system, you will find out that there are certain solar evacuated tubes that perform better than their competitor products. Because the concept of solar heating is still relatively new, it is easy to get fooled by marketing gimmicks. Hence, you should be completely aware of this system and its component parts to be able to make the best purchasing decision. It is safe to look at the most reputed manufacturers of solar vacuum tubes so that you get the best product.

For the best solar evacuated tubes, it is best to go with the top manufacturers. The best solar vacuum tubes are not only more efficient, but they last longer too.

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