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What kind of person is a good fit as a podcast producer?

Author: Jacqueline Gilchrist
by Jacqueline Gilchrist
Posted: Oct 29, 2020
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I love podcasts! I'm a regular listener to podcasts across several niches like business, marketing and motherhood. There are some excellent podcasts like NPR's How I Built This, Smart Passive Income, and the Tim Ferriss Show. With over 1 million podcasts available, there are a variety of podcasts available for different listeners.

As a mom of 2 little ones, time is limited. While I would love to read books and watch movies, it's not always possible when you're juggling kids, a household and a blog. That's why I appreciate podcasts. You can consume content quickly with podcasts. I listen to them on the drive to the grocery store, when I'm cooking and doing the laundry, during breastfeeding etc.

As a blogger, naturally I've been curious about starting a podcast of my own! Podcasting allows content creators to reach a new audience and get more exposure for their brand. It's a logical growth strategy. With being able to hear the podcaster's voice and opinions, you naturally build trust with your audience.

To learn more about podcasting, I went so far as to interview a successful Podcast Producer in this article on How To Become a Podcast Producer. But even though I now know how to start and manage a podcast, I just don't know if I should get into podcasting.

After the interview with the Podcast Producer, I wondered even though I think podcasting is the bees knees, what kind of person is a good fit as a Podcast Producer? What type of personality would create a great podcast?

After thinking long and hard about it and doing some research, I realized great Podcast Producers need these skills:

Research: As a Podcast Producer, you need to know how to do research for an episode. How to find the information on a general topic so you have value to present to listeners. That could be researching content by surfing the web, reading books, watching videos or listening to other podcasts. You need to know how to be resourceful, persistent and find information.

Communication: Whether it's reaching out to guests and pitching interviews or putting your research into a readable and interesting script, you need to have the communication skills to create the content for the episode. Sometimes this even involves writing a blog post afterwards detailing the script. This requires excellent story-telling abilities - the skill to keep a listener (and possibly reader) hooked and downloading episode after episode.

Production: This could involve perfecting the sound quality of the episode to crafting the regular intro to the show. You have to have the ear to produce a professional episode. You have to have a passion for creating entertainment.

Administration: There are a lot of little details that need to be ironed out like booking studio time, managing guests, or purchasing podcast equipment. It could also extend to email management or project management. It's these details that make the show come together!

Whether you're hiring a Podcast Producer or planning to start one on your own, these are the skills that make an excellent Podcast Producer.

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Hi! I'm Jacqueline. I write about making and saving more money, frugal living, and parenting money tips at

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